Thursday, July 26

CHA Part 6 (the saga continues)

This was really the best part of my CHA tour, because it included my favorite product line...Scenic Route.
Let's feast on some amazing samples first, shall we?

They have two new paper lines, Sumner and Ashville.
Both very fall, but both (in typical SR fashion) easy to work with and beautiful! And matching Bazzill cardstock as usual, just adore that they do that for me.
And they not only still have their giant diecut arrow, but they also have these cool journaling squares now that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also match the other lines of paper because SR likes to stick with certain colors which makes matching a breeze.
And more chipboard embellishments too!
Loved all the Scenic Route stuff, coulda stayed there for an hour and just gawk.
You can catch a better glimpse of the whole line of new stuff coming at ya, HERE.

The next company is a new one, but when I saw this Owl...I knew I had to at least take a look and snap a picture for my buddy Elizabeth. That girl loves the owl.
The company is called October Afternoon and they had paper, stamps, rubons...
lots of great samples...
And some great new styles. Loved it.
They are super new, so they are getting things up and running on their website, but should be ready soon.

Then, while Carole was getting the shpeal about the Creative Cafe, I wandered and
Met Marah Johnson!!
She was over at the Creative Imaginations booth (obviously) and I have been such a huge fan since she first released the Tattoo line of paper, I was shocked that she just happened to be standing next to me while I was making a little ring at their booth.
She was talking with friends about how she doesn't get how people think she is "anybody" and replied..."I'm a nobody" to which her friends and I chimed in...No, You're Marah Johnson!!
She was exactly as I imagined, super nice, down to earth and very friendly.
She gave me a signed poster, which was cool.
And she is a tiny little thing, seriously!
I am only 5'3" and she made me look tall.
See all Marah's products HERE.

Then across from CI was the American Crafts booth.
I love their stuff, but their booth is just BLAH!
No samples.
No pizzazz.
Just their products, which were nice, don't get me wrong.

Letter stickers I swear were made just for me!
1000 letters in a pack for $10!
Glittery letter stickers and their Thickers.Tons of paper and even gift wrap.


Unknown said...

Okay, that owl is ADORABLE! OMG! I am going to have check this company out. :)

Kristina Lewis said...

I am love with the owl also!