Tuesday, May 1

Cry Cry Cry

Stampin' Up! came out with the retired list today.
Every year, the buzz about the list stirs up many many threads over at SCS. Most discussing how many sets you have lost.
These are the kinds of numbers you see.
I never post on these threads because in comparison, 12 doesn't really seems like anything to complain about.
It wouldn't be if I owned more stamps!

I counted all my stamps this morning before I left the house because I knew today was the big day...30 sets total.
That's it.
People would assume that I have only been doing SU! for a couple months if I only own 30 sets and 12 ink pads, but I have been in this thing for 2 years!
2 years and only 30 sets.
I try to make good decisions so that I am somewhat working this as a little business and as a single mom working in a big city like this, life is way expensive so I have to pinch the pennies every second.
So 12 sets has me pretty upset today, that's 40% of my total business supplies....And that doesn't even count the 5 more sets that I bought this year from the mini catalogs that I am praying make it into the big catalog, if not I am down to less than 1/2.

Looking forward to new sets coming and couldn't be happier that some of them are leaving, but still not thrilled with having to replace 40%.


Crafty Connie said...

Lord knows that I am NOT even going to post let alone count how many sets I own. YIKES, it would scare me. Whenever you want to borrow a set just let me know and you can come over to the craft cellar and look at the sets and borrow whatever you want.

I am going now to see what sets are retiring.

Sew Club said...

I feel ya. I have quite a few more stamp sets retiring, but then again, I have quite a few more stamp sets. Hard to see them go!

Jo said...

WOW, it's huge list and reading the threads on SCS, I'm astounded at just how many sets people have. I'd hate to have to replace 12 sets, but hopefully the new catty is going to be full of really cool, new stuff!

blah said...

I'm so sorry! I counted how many sets I have on the retiring list and I'm at 42 sets and 5 wheels. I haven't even wanted to count how many sets I own but then again, it's sad to say that some of my sets haven't been inked up so maybe this is a sign I need to downsize :-)

Kelly A. Battles said...

I'm totally there with you . . . I, too, have lost about 40% of my stamps to the retirement monster! I know that GREAT new stamps are coming, but now I need to find out how to buy them to "replenish" my business supplies.
: ) Kelly Battles

kathy said...

I am not a su demonstrator but I have like 30 sets and I Love them all so I can imagine how you feel because isnt it true you can't use them once they retire? sympathies to all you demonstrators going through this

Alyssa said...

Amen Sista! Every year I highlight the retired stamp sets in my catalog, but this year they are almost ALL being retired. I get bummed that I can't use some of my faves for demo purposes, but then there are always so many great new ones to look forward to.
...counting the days until we see the new catalog!

BTW I have been a demo for 9 years, have way too many sets and it still hurts to see your favorites go.