Wednesday, May 2

Page for Today!

Actually made a scrapbook page this weekend. {shock!}
This will go into my About Me album one day when I have more than 3 pages done. So hard to do an album about yourself when you have such few pictures of yourself, isn't it?!!

I haven't scrapped in a while and I find it hard to switch from cards to pages, (and pages to cards for that matter) so I had to really work to get the mojo working in that direction again.
National Scrapbook Day is this weekend, so I figured it was as good a time as any to get moving back into that direction. Plus, I have plenty of new photos to work with, so really there is no excuse.
Lord knows I have plenty of paper and supplies to scrap, it is for goodness sake my first love. I only started making the cards because I had left overs from the scrapping and couldn't bare to pay $3 for a card that someone would just throw away.
Yes, my cheapness got me started in cardmaking.

So, I'm hopefully back to scrapbooking for a little bit before I have to change gears back because someone will eventually need a birthday card, right??

Supplies: Bazzill Shaped Cardstock, SU! Black Cardstock, Fancy Pants patterned paper (double-sided), White Signo gel pen, 7 Gypsies stamp.


Greta Adams said...

YAY glad to see you are scrappin....i'd rather scrap then make cards... (gasp!) Great page and I love the shaped paper

Mimi said...

What a great page, and what a great photo, full of mystery and sass! LOVE it.

Alyssa said...

"cheapness got me started in cardmaking"

Me too! Then it blossomed into so much more. I could have written your exact post.I agree it is hard to scrap a book all about me...not too many photos of me these days!

Crafty Connie said...

I am the opposite, I love to make cards and only just recently did the scrapbook for my sister out in CA. I've got this thing now of matching my hand-made card to the wrapping paper that I have used to wrap the gift. What a freak I am!

Michele Kovack said...

I'm with you girl! I'm in my scrappin mode!!! Great page!