Tuesday, April 11

Impromptu Easter

Now, it seems that I am having Easter at my house. Completely last minute. Don't even know what to serve.
What I do know is that I am just happy that I don't have to get all dressed up, don't have to schmooze with family I rarely see or explain why my son has a mohawk now. That alone makes everything alright. Plus, most of the immediate family could care less about traditional Easter grub. My sister hates ham. I despise lamb...yuck! So, I could just make whatever I want to eat. Plus, it will only be 8 of us, so I don't have to make very much.
The more I think about it, the better I feel about volunteering my house. It almost makes having to clean my house painless. Almost.

In other news...
There is school only 3 days this week...yikes!
My boss is in the holy land for two weeks....yeah freedom!
The girls came and blabbed on Friday, I mean scrapped!
Since Friday, I have been a scrappin' fool and finished 7 pages!
I need to get these pages scanned so I can post them.
The kid has promised to help me get toys together this weekend to get rid of, thank god.
I have some clothing coupons that are burning a hole in my pocket.
Saw my sister on Sunday.
Made homemade pizza on Friday.
Ten Commandments was not on Sunday and I am pissed!
Watched The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio with Max, man it was good.
Grilled out twice this week so far, yummy.
It is going to be a whopping 70 degrees today, yippee!
I think I have officially decided to buy that Digital Canon Rebel XT, maybe not, maybe...

Ok, I have to get back to thinking about Easter dinner...


Mimi said...

Do what we do, have lasagne!

Sounds like a busy but happy week!

Greta Adams said...

i'm doing easter at my house too this year since my house is one of the only standing from that damned hurricane and we are having cajun turkey...i am tired of the traditional to and dammit it's my house I'll cook what i want