Wednesday, April 5

*waving a fist in the air*


I LOATHE daylight savings. It is pure evil.
I don't care that we get sun at 7pm.
I don't care that it means Spring is here.
I don't care that it means every fall we get a night with an extra hour of sleep.

Everytime we adjust the clocks, I live in sleep deprived hell for at least a week and I want it to end! I had heard about standard time before and that there is a large group of people who have petitioned congress to stop this crap, but so far....nothing.
Can you tell I need a nap?!? Or at least a full nights sleep!

Personally, I think it makes a lot of the population cranky because I witnessed a gentleman go off on this guy in the Dunkin' Donuts this morning for talking to his secretary on his cell phone. I couldn't believe it. We weren't watching a movie in a theater and this guy was having a was a noisy Dunkin' Donuts! What the flip?
The crabby man told the cell phone guy, after staring at him for two minutes, "We all don't want to hear about your day!"
Dude, you don't speak for all of us! I could care less. The guy was actually "working".
Of course because of lack of sleep, my internal voice came spilling out, "My god! You have GOT to be kidding." (directed right at the crab)
I knew it wasn't wise.
I knew he would say something.
I knew this was opening a whole can of worms and possibly starting a riot.
I knew all I wanted was an ice coffee and to get the hell out.
But this happens sometimes....I am thinking a sassy comment and unfortunately, I blurt it out without a thought. Diarrhea of the mouth, sometimes.
He had a comment.
It was, "How rude!"
Not really sure if it was directed at me or the cell phone guy though.
I could've kept going because I was thinking, "Dude, YOU are the one who is rude."
But I luckily I was distracted by the fact that the price of coffee has gone up! Damn!

*Also, I didn't know that it was daylight savings this past weekend and I was an hour late to my very own Open House! Nice, huh!*


Mimi said...

I really hate Daylight Savings Time as well - instead of looking to get rid of it, our enlightened government has actually extended it. As a cornerstone of our energy policy no less. Rolls eyes.

I join you in your cursing of this plague upon us.

Greta Adams said...

i kinda like it myself....i like it because now i can go walk or something, if i feel like it -which is never, in the evenings if I want to. BWHAHAHHAHAHA hey well it sounded good. if i wanna i canna...hehehee

SuburbanMom said...

This direction I love. It has totally worked out for us. It's the other direction that is a total bear for me.