Thursday, June 30

Camping in Review

After our long camping weekend, I sat back looked at my pictures and thought, "This is the life." The simple life. You make do with what you have and learn to enjoy being outside. Our just reflect on being....period. Sure it is work to set up camp and make all the meals, but it is so worth it, if not just to sleep outside under the stars. My little Max just loves camping because I think it is his ideal life. Being outside 24/7, getting dirty, looking for bugs and playing. So easy and simple. I love some of the pictures I got, thank goodness, maybe it will inspire me. This first one is of all of us minus one (someone has to take the picture).

This is my lil' Max looking for something slimey in the lake, jumped right out of our paddle boat to jam his little hand right under a rock. I kept saying, "Be careful there could be a snake under there." That just made his eyes light up more.

I LOVE this picture!! It is so Andy Griffith Show! My little country bumpkin.

This picture reminds me of Reservoir Dogs.

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Mimi said...

You look like you had a wonderful time! I especially like the photo of your son going fishing in the sepia tones!