Tuesday, June 28

What's New?

  1. Still looking for a place to live, have a spare room?
  2. Packing.
  3. Recruiting some movers, anyone with lifting skills needed.
  4. Working on Wedding invites for Cousin Gina's September Wedding.
  5. Waiting for the new Stampin' Up catalogs. (July 1st)
  6. Work is crazy right now, I am actually doing work. Yuck!
  7. Scrapbooking....Not!
  8. I have been distracted lately in the best way! (more on that to follow)
  9. Just got back from Camping, hopefully, I got some good pictures.
  10. 18 days til I am in Disneyworld.

That's about it. I am totally busy at work lately. My boss will be leaving the country soon, he has a new grandson. Mazel Tov! Then, hopefully I will have more time to waste and blog.

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