Wednesday, June 22

I'm wearing my cranky pants today - Look out!

I think I may have heard this expression before, years ago, but I remember when Max was younger, I would joke that he was "wearing his cranky pants". As he got older, this term could be elaborated on as needed. For example, if he woke up in the morning and was crabby as well as shooting off at the mouth, I may remark, "Looks like someone put on their cranky pants and shirt as well, wow, that looks great." The sarcasm in the statement is the most important part. I apparently use the term so much, that he uses it on me now, pretty freely. Sometimes, I think he is possibily afraid to use it if indeed I am wearing those pants.

So, I admit it. I am wearing my cranky pants today and they are very wrinkly. Not sure what side of the bed I got up on this morning, but I know I promptly put those pants on as soon as I opened my eyes. I have been unable to remove the pants since. Thought for sure that the large ice coffee this morning was just the thing to make me purge the pants, but it was not enough. Not even sure why I am crabby, which is the worst kind of crankiness. It is days like this when I seriously have to watch my tongue. It usually gets me in trouble on these days. Snotty, crabby comments just come flying out at 100 mph.

It is usually best to ride out this wave, but I feel a need to shake it, turn this into a hap happy day. Possible cranky day remedies? Well, candy is usually good to start with especially chocolate, but with the new diet plan that is out of the question. Perhaps buying myself a little something, but the only store on the agenda for today is Walmart and I highly doubt that they would have anything that I would want to buy. Be with the happy person, which will have to wait another 5 hours. I could always break something, it always makes me feel better, but have nothing here to break.

Need to scrap a page about the cranky pants. Wonder if other people use this expression and where the hell did I get it from? Ok, new plan, go home and scrap a page about the pants, get it done as the OPAW and instant happiness. Good plan. Solid plan. Liking this plan, making the cranky pants lighter.
Hope I am not wearing these damn pants tomorrow. They make me look fat.

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