Tuesday, June 21

Layers of ME

Have seen this on so many blogs for the past 2 weeks, just have to do it. I like these kind of things, they make me think about myself. Think hard and deep. It is good to do a personal inventory occassionally and these types of questions are great for that. I think this Survey of called 10 Layers of Me and if it isn't called that, it should be. The actual lists are in no particular order, that would have been way harder.

Ten Layers of Me

Ten things I do everyday:

1. Eat.
2. Shower and get Dressed.
3. Go online, check emails.
4. Play with my hair.
5. Kiss the boy.
6. Complain about something.
7. Talk on the phone.

8. Talk with a friend, too much probably.
9. Stress out.
10. Listen to Music.

Nine favorite shows of all time (this is a hard one, only nine?):

1. St. Elsewhere
2. Fame, the TV show

3. Seinfeld
4. Brady Bunch
5. The Simpsons
6. Tom and Jerry (the old ones, before they were friends)
7. SNL

8. Twin Peaks
9. Degrassi Jr. High
Keep in mind that I don't have cable, so some of the "best shows", I have never even seen. I am working on catching up with the rest of the population and getting some on dvd.

Eight junk food favorites: (only eight?)

1. Diet Soda
2. Nachos
3. Ruffles and French Onion Dip
4. Salsa and Chips
5. Anything chocolate
6. Cheese fries
7. Candy Candy Candy
8. Beef Jerky

Seven things that bug me: (these are the things that rub me the wrong way)

1. People who talk loudly on cell phones in public places
2. Bratty children (I want an Oompa Loompa, now!)
3. Liars
4. Traffic
5. Litterbugs
6. Commercials at the Movie Theater
7. The hot weather in Chicago

Six songs I love this minute:

1. "Trusted" by Ben Folds
2. "Best of You" by The Foo Fighters
3. "Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle" by Cake

4. "Mandinka" by Sinead
5. "Behind the Wheel" by Dmode
6. "Rain King" by Counting Crows (reminds me of my Eric and he will be here next week)
I make a playlist of the songs I like each week, interesting to see how it changes.

Five things I want:

1. More Money
2. More Time
3. Digital Rebel
4. Pink Ipod

5. New perfect place to live

Four facts about me:

1. I am 5 foot 3.5 inches tall.
2. I have a birthmark in the shape of a comma on my right knee.
3. I can tap dance and juggle.
4. I studied acting in college.

Three wishes:

1. Win the Lottery. This would rock!
2. New business will work out great
3. Get published. Losing faith in this one.

Two people I wish I could see again:

1. Grandmother - too many shoulda coulda woulda with her that needs closure
2. Kim Boudreau - my best friend from HS

One thing I’m looking forward to:

1. Camping trip this weekend

Phew! Long list, had to really think about this one. I love lists, saw a new book recently on people who make lists, but of course I can't remember the name of it, but when I find it, I will definitely post. Don't worry a new tip or technique will be posted later today.

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