Thursday, July 7

Dancing with the Stars

Yes, I found myself watching Dancing with the Stars last night and I really can't believe it. For weeks, I have been asking myself "Who watches this show?" I had only seen clips on commercials and talk of it on all of the late night shows, but I thought it was a joke. I thought that perhaps they were lying about the popularity of it on the commercials. I know, a commercial lie to me?!?! Apparently, people really were watching this show and now I can count myself in the numbers of viewing audience members. Did we just tune in to see who won? Did we just fall upon it while flipping through channels and then just watch about 5 minutes? Did we just keep it on in the background of an exceptional conversation?
All no!! We purposely chose the channel, watched the entire show with bated breath to see who would win. Would it be the Seinfeld guy or Kelly Monaco of General Hospital fame. (and other things) We mocked and remarked about 50 times "Who watches this?" but never changed the channel. I really can't believe it but it is true. I watched Dancing with the Stars.
That was my confession of the week.
Today is really a Twilight Zone kinda day for me. Very tired this morning, definintely did not want to get out of bed. Was greated with extreme pain in my lower back, which is a nice way to start out. Got to work super early, before 8:30!! My boss is on vacation for the next week and a half so there is nothing to do but think. Think about how this morning moving men came and moved out most of the furniture and all my little sister's crap. Think about how my baby brother is at orientation at U of I today, can he really be that old? Think about how much I will miss him in the fall and miss living with him and his crazy humor. Think about London and how much times have changed since I was little. The world seems to be growing into a very scary place. Think about the crazy weather we have now, hurricanes all the time. What's up with that?? Think about how in 9 days I will be leaving for Disney World and how much stuff I have to do before that. Think about what my little Max may be doing, he left on Monday for a week with dad, miss him already. Think about all the things I could be doing right now instead of wasting time blogging. Kinda wish I had work to do.
So, little Stephanie is moving into her own place. It is time. She is 23, has a job, all grown up. She is wiggin' out though. Too scary for her. When I moved out at 23 I was so excited, so happy, so filled with dreams.....complete opposite for Steph. She isn't seeing the big picture. Here she is, little Steph, all grown up now and out in the real world. Everything will be fine eventually she just has to open her eyes and see that!

By the way, still looking for a place!! That's what I should be doing, the paper came out today.....ouch, my back is killing me!!!

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