Monday, July 11

Meme is Back Baby!!

I love when Tenika posts these challenges on 2peas, they are totally fun and make you think about what you really like, I forget sometimes.
Here's the challenge as posted:
This week [July 10th] we are going to talk about music. I believe that our favorite music has alot to say about us so therefore, this challenge we are going to write about our
10 "Desert Island Discs"

this was a popular phrase back in the 90's which is just another way to say 10 discs that you would be happy that you had if you were they have to be your absolute favorite cd's...not just what's trendy..

10 Desert Island Discs (no particular order)
  1. Harry Connick Jr. - We Are In Love I have always loved this Cd, makes me dance around like a fool.
  2. Depeche Mode - Music for the Masses There are so many great Cds to choose from but this one I like the best, so Dave, you're coming to the island with me!
  3. Garden State Soundtrack This Cd has a nice compilation of music and it is mostly mellow, good for calming me down when I fear I will never be rescued from the island.
  4. Sinead O'Connor - Lion and the Cobra Loved this Cd in the 80s so much, I would scream out the lyrics and my parents would refer to it as "angry teenager syndrome."
  5. The Cure - Greatest Hits Gotta have some Bob Smith in the group.
  6. Simon and Garfunkel - The Essential Simon and Garfunkel I have big time love for Paul Simon, my mom used to listen to it all the time so I figure he kinda helped raise me.
  7. Pearl Jam - Vs. Had to pick one of their albums, need a little rock on the island.
  8. They Might Be Giants - Flood This is one of my favorite all time Cds, could listen to it time and time again.
  9. English Beat - Special Beat Service Got this tape in 1986 and it still rocks.

Seems like a decent list, could be better given more time to think and evaluate. Could have made a preliminary list first and then narrowed those down. I would evaluate the need for different types of music and consider how many times I could listent to each Cd before wanting to scream. But these will have to do for now should I find myself on that island. Hope I get stranded with a hot guy!!


Hillary said...

Great list! I love Harry Connich Jr. and Depeche Mode too!

Mimi said...

Excellent list - adore Lion and the Cobra too! Love Sinead! Bald head and all!

Depeche Mode is awesome too!

Janelle said...

Oh yes, Simon and Garfunkel...they would make a desert island more bearable!

I remember when we were watching Garden State, I thought, "This must be a great soundtrack album"...I'll have to search it out now!