Monday, January 17

Goodbye 2010, Glad to See Ya Go

To say that 2010 has been challenging would be an understatement.
It has by far been the worst year of my life.
I guess I just have to have faith in the old saying, "whatever doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger" because I learned a lot this year in all the struggles the year presented.
I'm not a person to air my dirty laundry over the internet at all but I will say that I am a person who puts on a happy face and carries on.
Just gotta keep truckin'.
For me.
For the kid.

So, I'm starting off 2011 as best I can.
I'm attempting to be more positive although I think I make that a resolution and it never seems to stick.
I'm still working for Craft Critique and it keeps me busy.
I'm also looking for a new full time gig that can support me and the kid but it has been more difficult than I ever imagined.
Perusing Craigslist every day is pretty depressing, either I am over qualified, under qualified for a job that I have already done and had for years or they want someone who will run their entire business for $10/hr.
It's extremely hard to keep the faith but I am still keeping my chin up.
And my family has been amazing, helping to keep the heat on and food on the table for me and the kid, I couldn't be more lucky in that regard.

Last year I reflected on what I had learned in 2009, which was also no picnic toward the end but it had it's definite highlights.
I also made a list in 2005 and I completely still agree with that list.
And it makes me chuckle, I was funny in 2005.
So here's this year's list....

What I learned in 2010

1. Great friends should never be underestimated.

My birthday, CHA Winter in Long Beach, CA

2. Bad, upsetting, demeaning, fake friends should be removed from your life immediately and permanently.
3. Losing a family pet is just like losing a member of the family and way harder than I could imagine.

Neo, left us April 2010
4. That kid is way smarter than I ever was in school.

The kid won the school Science Fair and here he is at Regionals
5. That same kid is not the smartest outside the classroom.
6. Girl dogs are way more difficult to train than boy dogs.
7. Getting a puppy to replace an 8 yr old dog seems like a good idea but it's not.

Dita, adopted May 2010
8. I can always count on my sister to try and cheer me up with things go bad.

9. Owning a house is really expensive and stressful.
10. A new baby has made my parents baby-obsessed.

The kid and my new niece Lill, September 2010
Little Lill, December 2010
11. Working the Craft and Hobby Show (CHA) for a week is exhausting fun.

The Craft Critique gals, CHA Summer 2010
12. Teenage boys are just as mouthy as teenage girls.

13. Morons are morons, there is no reasoning with them.
14. Lists can never be underestimated.
15. My family is way less judging and more helpful than I anticipated, weird.

Those Mexicans, Thanksgiving 2010
The Irish clan, Christmas 2010
16. Turks and Caicos is one of the most amazing places on the planet.
17. Two big puppies are A LOT of work.

Me with Nasdaq and Dita, November 2010
18. Dating a nice guy is nice.
19. Having someone who knows how to take a photo take your yearly Christmas family snapshot is important.

My little family plus my brother's dog that had to get it the shot, sheesh

20. I'm way tougher than I thought.

So, there it is.
I learned a lot this year and it has not been easy.
But it's life.
And I figure that from where I am now, things can only get better.
So that's what I cling to.
And I am hopeful that 2011 will be my year.


katemade designs said...

I pray 2011 is your year and mine too. We could both use a bit of good stuff this year.

Cricket said...

aw girlfriend, you know I love you!! I have only the best wishes for you in 2011, you and I both are gonna have the best year yet!!

lets get together...I mean it and soon!!


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Stay strong girlfriend ! Hugs - Nan

Jo said...

Hey, good to see you back. Sorry that 2010 was such a rotten year for you. Hopefully things are much brighter for you in 2011.

construction_julie said...

2011 is going to be fantastic for you! I know it!