Thursday, January 5

What I learned in 2005

With all the commotion of the holidays and trying to get back into the swing of things at work, I completely forgot that for the last two weeks I had been scribbling on a little piece of scrap paper all the things that really stood out in the past year. You know, those memorable little tidbits that you really want to remember, whether they are good or some (most) bad. But those that are bad, will just make me stronger.....rrrrrrriiiiiigggghhhhhttttt! So without further delay, drumroll please:

What I learned in 2005
  1. Birthdays are really just any other day when you are older than 12.
  2. Women and message boards are dangerous things.
  3. Vegas is a wonderful place.
  4. I love spending time with my girlfriends and don't do it enough.
  5. I never want to work at a job that requires any sort of cleaning again.
  6. Nice guys can still be major assholes.
  7. Scrapbook pages that are published are not always good.
  8. I don't NEED to buy every scrapbook magazine and idea book.
  9. I own way too many supplies and have way few books to show for it.
  10. I went to school for drama and use those acting skills every day at work.
  11. I love PBS and am not afraid to say so.
  12. I don't read nearly enough and should.
  13. Carol is a great friend and she owns everything for scrapbooking. Lucky girl.
  14. I hate packing.
  15. I have a good child.
  16. Shrinks don't always shrink problems.
  17. The public school system isn't really teaching the kid much.
  18. Saying no really isn't all that bad.
  19. I am not as scared to fly as I used to be.
  20. Disney world is no vacation!

It was a long year and not too many fabulous memorable treasures were had. I am hoping that with my new years resolutions, 2006 may be a little better. I mean, come on, I deserve something fabulous this year, damn it!