Tuesday, January 3

Back to Work

So, I was on "vacation" for about a week and a half, but I use the term "vacation" very loosely because it really just means I didn't go into work for a while, but didn't really do too much. While I haven't been blogging, this is what I have been up to:

  • spent more time with my little Max.
  • put up the Xmas tree 3 days before Xmas and only put on 5 ornaments, we weren't feelin' it this year.
  • shopped for all my Xmas presents in one day, December 23rd!
  • talked my brothers through a week at my office filling in for me.
  • got thru 3 days of Xmas. (I am so happy that is over!)
  • taught a scrapbooking class to a group of little gymnast girls.
  • went to a card swap and made these:
  • returned some gifts.
  • rang in the new year on a low key note.
  • celebrated my little max's 10th birthday, which I still say is impossible because I can't be that old.
  • went out on a date and actually had an adult conversation, and it was mid-week!!!
  • packed. there is always packing.
  • gave away some more stuff, a bike and a toybox. big ticket items.
  • watched the whole first season of Rescue Me and I am hooked!!
  • watched season six, part one of Sex and the City, I'm almost done.
  • saw The Ringer.
  • went thru every scrapbooking/stamping magazine I was hoarding and picked out only the things I loved from them and promised them to a nice pea. I had 3 years of CK, alone!! (and I only ripped out like 20 pages total from all my magazines, sad!)
  • made these Thank You cards for little max to send out for his birthday presents. They always load us up with them on Xmas and we hold them til the first, so he has to write cards every year.
  • slept in a couple days and man did that feel gooooooood!
  • That's really about it. The days off flew by and a lot of it was consumed with rotten holiday crap, unfortunately. I went back to work today and there is nothing like a week off to remind you how much you despise your job!


Just Me said...

those cards are adorable!!!

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Mimi said...

Happy Birthday to Max! I'm glad you had some good days off, those cards are awesome!