Thursday, May 1

Almost at peace with nature...kinda.

See people...the nest is still in tact.
Still on a window ledge, just not my bedroom window ledge.
After some careful consideration and a small amount of internet searching and encouragement from some of the blog comments, I decided that I just could not bear the idea of chirping every morning at dawn.
Yes, I realize some of you early birds are up way before that.
And that some of you enjoy the sounds and sights of nature.
But I am not one of those people.
And I am Ok with that.
I live in the city for a reason.
It is the sound of the roaring expressway 2 blocks from my house that lulls me to sleep every night.
It is the sound of various car alarms going off at all hours of the night that never wake me from my slumber.
I am a total night owl and sleep is toward the very top of my list of things that I absolutely love.
So, eight hours a night is a necessity to me.
I could easily sleep 10 or 12 hours and not feel like I wasted any time at all, I actually am pleased I spent it doing something I love.
And the kid doesn't even start school til 9am, so it seems rather pointless to be up before 7:43am.

All this in consideration, I thought it best to carefully move the nest.
And not across the street to the park, although that was an option but to another window.
I figured the momma bird would be happy that I just relocated her to another portion of the same building and would be able to find it easier.
So, I went to my handy dandy pile of chipboard sheets and took 2 sturdy ones.
I figured I needed one to push the nest on to the other, that way I wouldn't put people germs on the nest.
I called for the kids.
One to help me with the nest and one to hold the baseball bat in case the bird decided to swoop in and peck my eyes out.
I carefully opened the windows and began trying to scoop the nest on to the chipboard.
It was really on there.
Like molded to the window with mud, she had done a marvelous job.
It wasn't moving as gracefully as I imagined in fact it wasn't budging at all.
So I pushed a little harder, telling the boys the whole time..."careful, careful, carefu.....oops!"
I pushed too hard and instead of it transferring to the chipboard it flew off tumbling toward the ground.
The boys began laughing hysterically and I did too because I was being so careful and chanting the whole time..."careful, careful"
Max took off outside to grab the nest and check out the damage, I followed behind him.
I was running down the stairs and out the front door saying, "Be careful with it, don't mess it up, I like nature, I didn't mean too, I was just trying to be good, Oh damn, It's ok, It's ok."
Like the karma police were listening.
Max scooped it on to the chipboard.
It was a little messy but still in tact, like I said, she did a good job.
I put the nest on the intended window in the front and took that picture.
Max just shook his head at me saying "tsk, tsk."
That kid preys on my fear of karma, I swear.

The next morning, same time, I heard the chirping and flapping again at my window.
I told Max when he woke up, "Those birds were on the ledge again."
"Think they're mad?"
"I think so, I coulda sworn I heard an f-bomb in between tweets."
I am praying she finds her nest and stops landing on my window each morning to yell at me real soon!


Jenn D said...

What an adventure! I had to LOL at the angry "tweets". Actually I almost choked while drinking my water.

Rita said...

Great thinking to put it on another window sill! Hope the bird finds it soon. Always wondered how those nests never blew away in some of those winds that we get, now I know why. No bad carma for you girl, only good carma!!!

Donna Baker said...

oh man, your story-telling puts me RIGHT THERE with ya! I was chuckling (sorry) I'm sure she'll be fine. We have a nest in a tree in our backyard (it's so high up, can't tell what's in there) but EVERY time I let my cats out they go BERZERK! they're a little leary & don't bother anything, but I guess it's their instinct that makes them seem a threat.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

She'll come back a few more times and then leave. We have a couple of birds that make a nest in our dryer vent and we've had to move the nest (for fear of thier nest causing a fire in our home) and as an extra precaution, we attached a mesh so they wouldn't return. They returned 4 mornings straight and those suckers even attempted to remove the mesh. But they are gone now. Would love to hear an update on your birdy issue next week! HOpefully she will not start creating a new nest there.

Mimi said...

A nest? How cool is that?

Crafty Connie said...

At least the nest didn't have eggs in it or it didn't fall apart. She'll discover it soon or start a new one.

Denise Bryant (imchatty) said...

OMG...that was so funny. Simone my favorite part of the story was not having to wake up before 7:43 am! LMAO...that is sooooo me. I am a night owl but love to sleep of my favorite weekend hobbies...sleeping in. Ahhhh. Thanks for the great story.

Elaine said...

You are a great FRIEND, Simone! I totally felt like you were right here sharing that story with me...just like some of my 'real' friends would...doesn't that sound weird? I do have real friends...maybe those " marks didn't have to go on that word. Anyway, I think you have good karma coming to you for taking care of nature the best that you could! A for effort and A for your story-telling ability!

Michele Kovack said...

You crack me up!!! Have a great weekend!

Cricket said...

thanks for the giggles this morning Simone! Good job on relocating nature...sure hope mama birdie leaves you be now!!


glo.riah said...

as long as she didn't
"red rum" on your window
with berry juice,
i think you're in the clear.

Noel said...

LOL! Great story! :)

Unknown said...

LMAO! You heard WHAT between tweets??? You are too freakin' funny!

Sharon said...

Your stories always crack me up but this one was just down right hilarious! I'm sure those birds had a few choice words for you. They should feel lucky, at least they didn't have to pack their bags, hire movers and live in the park (like many do,here in Chicago)!
Take care and get some sleep!!