Thursday, April 3

Wassa Goin' On?

Man, I am a slacker, huh?!
But I am too exhausted to have been slacking.
I'm just busy...yeah, that's the ticket...busy.

* I am working on stuff for Scrap your Crap.
This week we're all getting felt, not in a back seat kinda way!
So if you've got some felt laying around, come on over and join us.
My LO makes me giggle, look at how little the kid is.
Now we're eye to eye!

* I watched the movie, The Mist last weekend.
It's the one by Stephen King.
I can't stop talking about it.
Watched it twice.
It was a totally commentary on human nature and scary true.

* A very lovely gal sent me one of these to try out and review.
I guess cause she saw my video and knows I have a lot of ribbon.
So, expect to see that coming up next week.

* I'm also catching up on Rock of Love.
But I'm only on season one, still.
Without cable, I have to watch these things on DVD or in this case I bought it from Itunes so that we could watch it on the plane from Jamaica.
I am hooked.
The stripper just got Bret's name tattooed on the back of her neck....omg...I thought for sure he would stop her.
But that would be sane!
And even though I know who he picks at the end, thank you very much Greta, I am still enjoying the process immensely.
"Don't threaten me with a good time!"

* And I went and saw my buddy Michele last Friday all the way in the south suburbs which is a feat in and of itself on a Friday night during rush hour traffic.
We traded some images.
And Joanne showed us how to make this card.

Isn't this stamp cool?!
It's from Outlines stamp company and after lots of coloring with my Copics and cutting, lots of cutting, it look totally cool.
I think we successfully convinced Joanne she needed Copic markers.
And a blog. (just sign up already!)
Until then, you can see her gallery here.

* I also got a challenge done for
And it was on time, for a change.
It was a sketch challenge, if anyone is looking for a good sketch, it is still up at her site and it's a good one.
And she has a new challenge posted as well.
The winner will get a spot as Guest Designer and the topic is balls.
Heehee...I said balls!

This LO is totally Scenic Route.
Perfect Camping paper.
And because it came with letter stickers and coordinating cardstock...this was super easy.
Even those chipboard circles are Scenic Route.
Again, super old pictures that make me laugh.
Man, I was hammered in that group shot but boy was it a fun weekend.

* I am addicted to the group Vampire Weekend.
Love the whole album.
It is exactly my kinda music.
The kid is now appalled that we like the same thing.

* Hell's Kitchen just started again this week.
I am addicted to people cooking and Gordon yelling at them.
I know, it's a sickness.
But there is nothing like high pressured lobster bisque.

That's about it, I think.
Just busy.
Today is sunny and I hear it will be almost 55 degrees...woo hoo, heatwave!
So before it turns totally gorgeous and perfectly 70 degrees I have been crafting up a storm and working on more videos.
Because once 70 hits, there is no way I can be kept inside.

Oh and it looks like I am coming up on 40,000 hits.
Can that be?
I'm just shocked when one person reads this wackiness.
Well, when that bad boy hits the big four-oh, I am giving away a little prize package filled with all kinds of summery goodness.


Paula said...

Thats an awesome, super card made with the Outlines stamps! I have that stamp, just never use it, but I HAD to have it. Can't wait to read how you like the ribbon thingy, I have been eyeing them up.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

That card is magnificent!!!
Great layouts too!

Mimi said...

Amazing card! I love the layout too!

michelle sturgeon said...

LOVE the scrapbook pages! And that card with the layered flower is so PRETTY!

Anonymous said...

Man i hear ya on the slacking ..... ive only updated today in almost 2 weeks, that is SO unlike me, whats up with that !
I LOOOOOVE that card SImone ! And i watched your cool tutorial on the light boxes on Noel's blog , very cool . I have so wanted to "scrap my crap" and Oh eight has been hectic so far to say the least , AND i just keep buying MORE crap ! UGH !
Have a great weekend !
Jenn :)

Rita said...

Beautiful card & great looking layout there girlie!!! We keep coming back 'cause your also so enteraining & you make fantastic stuff!!!

Michele Kovack said...

Saw your video! Looks awesome! I think you are a shoe in! (And I noticed you did your hair and put makeup on for it and everything!) : )

kat said...

Whoa you've got like a gazillion things going on.

Your scrapbook pages are awesome

Cricket said...

love that card Simone! You are such an enabler (and I love it!! LOL)...Rock of Love huh? Man, I've been addicted to that show from the very first stinkin' episode..Heather..yeah, a tat of Bret's name on her neck..what a psycho!! LOL What do you think about Lacey??? LOL!!!

Just wait until you see Rock of Love II, you are in for another wacky ride! such fun!!


Crafty Connie said...

Your card is stunning!
Just let me know if you have a VCR, I can tape Rock of Love 2 for you.

Josie said...

haha..i knew you would get hooked on Rock of Love!
How can you not love it!??

liz mataraza said...

that card is awesome! while i do not share your ROL interest, i do looove Hell's Kitchen. it is just too funny the way he calls people 'donkey'. will have to check out 'the mist'...never even heard of it actually.

Joanne said...

I love your wackiness and looks forward to what trouble you can get into next! Your scrapbook pages are great!

Risa said...

Your layouts are awesome Simone and I love love love your card!

Greta Adams said...

don't threaten me with a good time.....bwhahahahah i am getting that shirt....and i am getting the one that says wassa goin on? bwhahahahahahaha

Deborah said...

Great post Simone! You sure are a very busy bee! Beautiful Outlines stamp card! I have two of their stamps, very cool! Have a great weekend, hope it warms up for you! Deb

Noel said...

Simone, that card is AMAZING!! I love it! Your camping entry is so that too!!

Have a great weekend!

M. said...

The card is great lady! I also enjoy the ribbon rings - but i am kinda cheap and might attempt to actually come up with my own version! I definitely need more ribbon storage!

Nancywithajones said...

love love that stamp too.... this rocks chick... and ughmm rock of love OMG yeah lacey cracked me up awhole lotta. Those girls show just how boring my life is Im tellin ya. OH IM totally addicted to the second season too. Yeah my life is boring.
So yall finally got up to 70 degrees huh? Bought time the warm air i sent ya got there hehehe

Sheila D. Staves said...

oooohh - aaaahhh
LOVE the Outlines stamp!
Keep up the wackiness and it won't be long until you pass 100,000 hits!