Monday, April 28

This Day is for the Birds

This morning I heard some very loud tweeting near my head at about 6am.
I thought I had heard it last Friday too but it didn't seem quite as loud as this morning.
And we were away all weekend, so I kinda forgot about it.
So finally, after much tweeting and flapping, I figured..better open the blinds and take a look to see if the neighborhood birds had decided to hold their morning meeting on my window ledge.
Open the curtains, lift the blinds...
A nest.
A whole lovely nest that some nice bird must have constructed all weekend.
No eggs, just an empty nest.
Close the blinds, shut the curtains...try to get a little more sleep before the alarm...
Nope, not gonna happen...more tweeting and flapping, ugh!

Once the alarm went off, I called for Max.
"Max...You've gotta see this crap!"
"What is it? Something good, something shocking? What? What?"
(he is very much like a hyper puppy when he doesn't know what's coming)
"Look. A nest!"
"Wow, no eggs though."
"No eggs but plenty of noise. What the heck am I supposed to do?"
"Ya want me to take it."
"No, I don't want that thing in here."
"But, it's cool. I could take it to school."
"And say what? Hey teacher, check out this cool nest I stole from a poor bird and brought in."
"Fine, then just push it off."
"Naw, I don't want the karma that follows destroying nature."
"Then, I guess you're gonna have to live with it."
"Wait, go back to the pushing it would I go about that?"

I don't think I'm gonna push it off people.
Although I want to.
{I know I am a horrible person that hates birds and ladybugs too!}
I am seriously afraid of karma, so I can't just "Oops, did I push that when I was opening this window in 40 degree temperatures?"
But I definitely can't listen to that thing every morning and especially if she fills it with little squawkers, ugh!
Could you imagine the noise?
I am unpleasant enough in the morning with 8 hours of sleep, I can only imagine the pleasantness that would follow all the mornings of that.

Anyone got any ideas on how to relocate a bird?
That 6am chirping is making for a grouchy kinda day.


Rita said...

Oh, I'm with you...I'm a terrible grouch if I don't get my sleep! If something is waking me up because of noise I'm even worse! Hehehe!!! I would have Max take it out & place it in a tree across the street in the park. You have a park across the street if I remember right? You don't want the babies in the nest, way too much noise, I know I live in the woods but in the summer AC is going so I don't hear them so much. Good luck!

elizabeth said...

you're still sleeping at 6am????

count your blessings and deal with the nest ;)

Crafty Connie said...

LMAO!!! By 6am I am almost out the door on my way to work. Granted you are probably up much later than I am and if it was happening at 10pm I would be cranky.

blah said...

Let Max take it to school before the bird lays eggs in it :-)

I'm all for nature but not at my expense and I know that sounds terrible. We get birds that build a mud nest at the top of our garage. We try to get to it before there are eggs/babies but we're stuck for now and if I park too far up our driveway, I've got birdcrap all over my car. Ugh!!!!! Now, we've gotta wait till they leave to get rid of the nest.

katemade designs said...

I have a bird house outside my bedroom window and the first couple of days of spring you hear the birds after that you don't even notice it.

Grit your teeth, perhaps around a chocolate to calm you, and it will pass in no time. Besides how cool it will be to watch the whole egg thing unfold. I wish we could see inside the birdhouse sometimes.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

I'd say have Max take it downstairs and find a tree nearby to put it in. That way they will find it.

Abra Leah Cross said...

Have you read, "There is a bird on your head!" by Mo Willems? :)

I have no advice - I am up at 4:45am weekdays, so I'm just not feeling the "woe to me at 6 am" thing. ;)

Jonnine said...

omg 6 a.m. I would love to be in the bed at 6 a.m. I am already at work for 6 a.m., but on the other hand there should be some type of bird refuge that would be willing to come move it for you or call the local animal control number they should be able to refer you to someone. we have a local refuge or we refer people to the local fishes and wildlife office. ON the brighter side atleast it is little birdies and not massive construction you are waking up to.

kat said...

Ugh I feel you girl. We've got a huge nest under our bedroom window too. Makes me pray for rain every morning. At least the little buggers will shut up then.

The cats get a kick out of it though by watching the birds and to be honest. I'd be afraid of bad Karma as well.

Cricket said...

LOL, oh Simone...don't know what to tell ya on this one! I, on the other hand, you know, loves birdies and could listen to them chirp all day long!

Good luck girly, don't want you losing sleep and being a grump!


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Time to get earplugs!!!! I grew up with an oak tree right outside my bedroom window and we had robins and many other birds waking me up every day! Not to mention the squirrels that would sneak into the attic and run around over my room!!

Elaine said...

I don't know about the birds, but I don't want the bad karma following you around. Can you put something heavy over that window so they aren't as loud? I don't know...but don't push the nest away....that just doesn't seem right...kwim??

Lori A. said...

I feel for you. I am not a huge fan of birds. I mean, I like them and all...just not sitting outside my window chirping away. It all started many years ago when I was away at camp with the girl know, here you already don't get enough good sleep because the beds are crap and you're up late and they get you up when those birds wouldn't stop chirping it drove me nuts. I don't know how all the other girls slept through it.

stphen said...

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