Tuesday, February 5

SYC - Challenge One

I mentioned that I started to do little challenges each week with Greta and Elizabeth to encourage each other to use up some of our supplies.
We are three girls who love to shop for crafty stuff.
Really, it's the only thing I personally like to shop for.
I am not a shopper girl.
I hate buying clothes, shoes, pretties...I just don't know what to buy.
I love great clothes and shoes but would prefer someone to dress me.
But paper...I LOVE to buy paper.
That would explain the room full of paper and clothes in my closet from the 90s still!

So these weekly challenges will push us to use up our crap stash.
Some of us have bigger stashes than others, as I have found out...wink!
But we all have lots.

So we started a new blog to post all our little challenges on.
So they are all in one spot, all nice and tidy.
And at the end of the year we can sit back and feel good we actually used some of our crap.
The new blog is called...Scrap Your Crap!
We do a challenge a week that encourages you to use up some of your crap scraps.

These challenges would be great for cardmakers and scrappers alike.
So join us and take the challenge if you need a little nudge to use up your goodies as well.

The first challenge from Greta is all about using Lots of Ribbon.
Here's my entry.

details: Arrows from Scenic Route, Letter Stickers from AC, Lots of Ribbon from everywhere.


Heather said...

ooh I am so the same way, I love shopping for scrap stuff actually on my way to a store right now, hehe. I have to take a 30 in ferry ride and an hour drive to get there, but well worth it for this store.
I love the new challenge so going to get on that one and will pass on the new site. Cause we all have stuff to use and lots more we need to buy.

Crafty Connie said...

Super layout. Great idea to organize all of the layouts in one blog.

Mimi said...

I love this layout! Great job.

And, I'm sure we all know a lot about scrap crap ;)

Melissa said...

Super cute page!

I look forward to "Scrap Your Crap"!

Many Blessings,

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Love this idea!!!!! I give most of my crap away, but hopefully you ladies will inspire me to get to using mine!

Paula said...

I love my crap! I have a whole room full of crap. I think about giving/selling some of my crap, but then I get stomach pains. I spend more time organizing my crap than using my crap. I just bought more crap yesterday from QVC. I'm going to a rubber stamp show next weekend to buy more crap. ]

But I def will check out the new blog! Stay warm, kids!!!

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

Love this layout...lots of "white space"...which is a challenge for me...and RIBBON is one of my passions...altho, that skeleton is a tad frightful!...lol!!....way to use your crap!.....oooops!...typo, just like you!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

what a fantastic idea!!! heaven knows I have MORE than a lot of ribbon!!!

craftsbyjodi said...

very cute page.... I love the way you used the ribbon!!

Sharon said...

Simone, Great picture of you and "the kid"! Thanks for all the fun comments on my blog. I think Chele had her dog first but mine came from a shelter with his name. Keeping the name saved on alot of fights in my house about what to call him. Take care and pray for no more snow!

Jenn D said...

I love the idea of using up scraps. I have lots of crap lying around.

I have also not forgotten about sending you some of those Cricut bags. I haven't plugged it back in yet :oops:

Donna Baker said...

what a great idea! Love your page, you look HOT (saw you snuck in your love of skulls) and Max is getting so mature looking.

** Isa ** said...

What a great page! Love all those ribbons and the colour combo. And this is one very handsome boy you have ;oD

Hugs xxx

michelle sturgeon said...

LOL! I LOVE this picture! Look at Max...so typical of a teenage boy, isn't it?