Monday, February 18

Michele's Room of Crap

Ok ask, I provide.
An all new video!
A little look inside Michele Kovack's room of crap!

First, you should know, Michele and I are the best of buds.
I think we were the second we met actually.
I spotted her out of an entire crowd at CHA last summer.
And the first time we chatted, I knew we were cut from the same cloth.
Me a little less straight of a cut, but all the same fabric.
So like all my other buds, she humors me when I suggest...Hey, let's make a video!
She's good like that.
And when I tell her, I'm gonna ask ya some questions, OK?
She doesn't even ask beforehand what they are or if I know what I am going to say.
(I didn't)
And she let me take these pictures of her stuff too!

So, I just love her.
And she is just the cutest and one of the best gal pals a girl can ask for.
This video is a little goofy, but a good glance at her room.
And the little voice you hear chiming in would be her son Kyle who couldn't help but comment while he watched the moms acting all goofy.
For more about Michele and her awesome creations, you can check her out HERE.
Be sure to let her know you saw her here.

And if anyone else wants me to visit their room of crap, all it takes is an invite!

Chelemom's Scraproom from spazzgirl on Vimeo.

(ps. This is the tool that Michele regrets buying...HERE.)


kat said...

Holy cow, what an awesome room. Can I move in? It looks as though she owns a shop.

Michele Kovack said...

Holy Crap! I have a lot of Crap! (You did a great job on the video...and I don't look too goofy! : )

michelle sturgeon said...

Great video!

glo.riah said...

wow that's a lot of potential in there!!
(love her paint organizer!!)

Cricket said...

What a fun room and video!


alittlebitofscrap said...

Fun fun video and I just love your personality! Loved the show :) Great room too btw!

Rita said...

Looks like you girls were having a blast, great video! Luv all the crap!!! She has a great craft room.

Mimi said...

It is so awesome to get to "see" you and put a voice to the face! And, love the room full of crap, I have one as well - do you want to come over? My couch is always open!

Jenn D said...

I loved the video. I love putting a "voice" with faces too. The two of you are so cute.

Crafty Connie said...

Awesome video and craft room! I love seeing how each person organizes their space.

Libby Hickson said...

How fun to see two of my favorite bloggers in live action! :-) What a great room Michele! And hearing Kyle chime in with "RIBBON!" cracked me up! Sorry I'm behind on your blog & videos Simone - I'm trying to catch up!! BTW also loved your comment on my blog about your cyber baby! :-)

Amy said...

Cute video, nicely done.

Unknown said...

I love, love, loved the video! What a bunch of good crap! :)

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

whoooooooooowhoooooooooo....LOVELOVE the video!!....Is there any way to turn the volume down on your end with the background music while you ARE TALKING?....I REALLY wanted to hear what you & Michele were saying...But all in are two peas in a pod.....ANy chance of heading down south to Nashville, TN?...I have a studio...built by my Mr. Lowes...and a guest room!!...Just let me know when!!

elizabeth said...

another fab video!
i better get my room

Amy said...

Hi! this is my first time here, I came over from Michele's what a great idea...and this is one woman's stash that I have really wanted a look at...holy cow..! what a fun blog you have! Thanks!

Very Mary said...

I love Michele and, by proxy, love her crap, too. Good crap. Scrappity crap!

Sharon said...

Yippee! I finally made it through to the comments. Anyway, this video is way to funny! I do agree, Michele sure does have enough sCRAP! Great video!!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

That was so fun!!! Hey, can you go to Kim's (Crafty Me) next?! I would love to see a video of her and her stamping area!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT ! I love michelles room of crap ! Lol .... i visit her blog often too :) Its so great to see you guys on "live tv " , so cool since all us blogger buddies cant all meet . Thanks for sharing !
Have a great week !

Paula said...

Michele's room of crap is hilarious! If I ever open up a store ( and i never will in this lifetime, I will call it the house of crap.

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Simone, you look way too comfortable interviewing Michelle. I think you've got a new calling! Great job.

M. said...

i love it!! also love paula's idea of calling it the house of crap for a store! LOL p.s. you can come to my room of crap anytime you like, it's just north of the border (pps i'd wait for warmer weather!)

Gayle said...

Love, love love looking into other peoples rooms/stuff!! A nosey girl at heart. Great job with the video. I had a little trouble hearing the questions and answers over the music. Started out good, but i think you both relaxed a little into the taping and your voices went down a notch. Can't wait to see more!!!

Heather said...

wow great new video. her room is awesome. wow that is alot of stamps.
can't wiat to see more.