Sunday, February 3

Love Bandit

Last week while driving back from a school pickup, the kids and I saw very large full posters advertising for a lost raccoon.
My first thought...Man, those are some nice posters.
Then...who the heck owns a raccoon in Chicago?
The kids and I speculated on what we were to do if we found said pet.

What his name might be, I suggested Bandit or Cooney.

I don't know if anyone actually found the pet as opposed to the pelthora of coons in the city that feast of some fabulous garbage, but the posters are gone this week.
When I saw the posters I was reminded that my buddy Chele brought over some High Hopes stamps before Christmas and I had a little guy of my own.
And as much as I am an anti-Valentine person (and you thought I hated Christmas!), I just had to work with this little guy and imagine Cooney home safe with his family.

I used the ">Scenic Route Loveland paper for this card, hearts and all!
I colored him with my Copics and used some glitter glue I got in the Target dollar spot to add a little sparkle, at 4 for $1, expect to see a lot more sparkle this week.


Fab said...

Hiya, thank you for visiting my blog and the kind comment. I really like the racoon, it's so cute. Now I heard a lot of these Copic pencils/marker, I even read of one blogger getting rid of her prismacolor over the Copic's ones...are they that good ? Sorry very confused her and I always ask questions ! LOL

Rita said...

Cute card, perfect sentiment! I like the name Bandit for this racoon!

Risa said...

Your card is adorable Simone! The racoon is so cute and your coloring is wonderful. I hope who ever lost their pet sure finds him.

Melissa said...

Super cute!

Michele Kovack said...

Is that a raccoon holding a heart in his hands and running? Don't they usually have garbage in those claws of theirs? Who would've thunk it?

M. said...

simone, i was going through withdrawal and missed you... i checked every hour of every day... i was just starting to get the shakes.... bad! haha, kidding! maybe a little... but i love the card! very cute!

Paula said...

Raccoons, ugh! But, you managed to make him look so cute
! Funny, some of the things people keep for pets, huh?

glo.riah said...

and i'm with you-
who has a raccoon for a pet?!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Such a cute card!
There is an OLD book called Rascal, in which a boy had a pet raccoon. Cute story. People have pet skunks too!

Crafty Connie said...

Very cute card.
Glad to see that you have made at least one valentine knowing how much you love that day.