Tuesday, January 29


I just wanted to send a shout out to everybody and a huge thanks for checking out the debut video!
I am diligently working on new videos and I wish I had natural Mac skillz but alas I do not, so the production part moves much slower than I expected.
It also took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to actually record on my new camera.
But Max is helping me.
Yes, the kid taught me how to use iMovie.
He's way better at it than I am.
Amazing how kids just jump in and do, while I am still searching for the help button and online guides!

And I wanted to respond to some comments:
* Glad everybody liked the cheap cereal box idea, apparently Martha copied the my idea but she covered the whole box.
I'll get to that one of these days...
How dare she steal my idea...BWAHAHAHAHA!
* Josie: By the time the kitchen is what I envisioned, I will have envisioned a totally different theme. Dang that adult ADD!
* Melissa: Weird when you hear how people sound, eh?
Max spent about an hour the first time we recorded asking, "Do I really sound like that?"
"I don't sound like that, do I?"
"Why didn't you tell me I sound like that?"
I wish I had recorded that.
* Lisa: Marry you?? Well Ok, I am still single afterall.
* Debbie: Cheap-o-holics...perfect! We'll meet Wednesdays at 8pm, I'll bring the booze, you bring the smokes!
* Glo: The best restaurants in Chicago, in my opinion, are BYOB. You can spend so much more on food that way! (man, that explains the extra 10 lbs!)
* Sheila: What is it with boys and their cereal? I swear he could live on the stuff.
Is everyone else's sons cereal fiends too?
* Chele: I'll see you Friday chica! And I will be giving everyone a sneak into your Mecca of Goodness one of these days, if you thought I had a lot of crap, you should see Michele's room!!
Oh heck, Greta's.
What am I saying...Elizabeth's!!

Thanks again for all the support!
You'll be seeing {and hearing} me soon!


Donna Baker said...

I loved your video/the tips too...for some reason I wasn't able to leave a comment after I saw it...

Michele Kovack said...

See you Friday!!! No videos please!!! : )