Thursday, January 24

Today in My World

I am totally feeling like this...

Thanks to Noel who sent me this handy mood indicator for my fridge as a nice little birthday gift along with a few other goodies.
Everyone who now enters my apartment can refer to it before approaching me to ensure it is safe.
Max can refer to it to ensure that I won't go bonkers when he trys to give me advice on how to cook dinner.
Very helpful.

But I am seriously feeling exactly like this lady looks.
Just indifferent about everything.
It may be because my "aunt" is scheduled to come to town and I am pretty sure that yotch will make her appearance for my birthday or maybe it's because I am coming to the realization that I am getting closer and closer to 40.
Or maybe it's because the windchill here was 25 degrees below today.
Whatever the reason, it is making my loved ones crazy who keep calling with the last minute..."What do you want for your birthday?" question.
"I don't"

I also got some great cherry themed fabric from Maryann, who also sent along this little notebook she made...isn't it cute?!!

One of the things I love about blogging for sure is the cool friends I have made and not only was it super generous of her to send off that fabric but the little book makes it even more special, she's just fab like that.

And this little card came a couple days ago from my buddy Carol.
It is super cute, look at all that bling!
And the "frosting" on the cuppie cake is perfect, liquid pearl? or white ep??
Do tell!

The kids are off school tomorrow, so I have taken off work as well.
I don't normally take the day off for my birthday but it is a Friday and the kids are off anyways so I figured...why not?
What I will be doing??...haven't a clue yet.
But tomorrow I am looking forward to a nice dinner with just my immediate family at one of my favorite spots, just a small group of 12.
I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow...but in case I am not....
Have a super lovely weekend.


Rita said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day with friends & family! Wow! You guys are in the FREEZE zone, I thought it was cold here but you have us beat...stay warm my friend!

kat said...

Happy Birthday Simone! Hope you're going to have a wonderful and enjoyable day with your family.

The mood indicator is really funny.

Crafty Connie said...

Happy Pre Birthday Simone. I am responding that my little something will be late. It is coming via UPS and probably won't arrive until Monday. SORRY!!!
Have a tremendous day and enjoy your good dinner.

Greta Adams said...

happy Birthday Girl!! Gift is coming to ya!!

and umm..i am jealous noel sent you that....i NEED one in a bad way!!!

isn't maryann fab!! she sent me some goodies too and i have something in mind for one of the items she sent....YAY to great blog i need to send out RAKs myself i am horrible =(

Mimi said...

Have an AWESOME birthday! Your card will be late (as it is still on my desk at home)

Enjoy the day off, and hopefully it will warm up. I will never complain about our 19 degrees again.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

I hope you have an awesome birthday...don't be so down!! And didn't Greta just tell me you booked a trip to visit in Feb?! I wish my schedule allowed me to go down there with you, it would be so much more fun with me there! LMAO!!

glo.riah said...

hope your aunt behaves on YOUR day.
happy birthday, simone!!

Michele Kovack said...

Your card will be on its way....wait till you see it!!! Happy Birthday!!! I will give you your goodies next Friday.....Then I can buy you more cuz I didn't have to pay for shipping! : )

michelle sturgeon said...

Yikes, I missed that it is your birthday! I need to send a card!
I hope you have a great birthday!

** Isa ** said...

Hope you're having a Grat Birthday... Love the cupcake card so much!!! ;oD

Hugs x

Paula said...

sing along....


wasn't that fun????

Also, you must give us more notice. My card will be late...hope your aunt is too.

liz mataraza said...

Happy Birthday!!! have an awesome b-day...and watch yourself with that Greta girl... ;)

Lorrie said...

Happy Birthday Simone!!! What is it, the 29th? Hope it's a good one!

Deborah said...

Hope your special day was fabulous! Deb

Risa said...

Happy Birthday Simone!
I love your card with the different different and cute. Your RAKs are beautiful also!

blah said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope all went well and you had a great time!

Very Mary said...

happy belated spazzy one:)