Monday, January 21

Better Photos - Week 3

Well, this is week 3 and when I saw that it was on The Color of Light, I was overjoyed!
I, like many other Canon Digital Rebel XTi owners, many times get my indoor photos with a horrid yellow glow.
It has been driving me insane!
I know how to change the White Balance on my camera and generally go from setting to setting, trying to figure out which one looks the least amount of yellow.
But now I know how to set a Custom White Balance.
I tested it out here, with this week's challenge and the results are clear.
Custom White Balance Rocks!

(click photo to see it larger!)
Now for all you Canon Rebel owners, the way to set it is super easy, I wish I had tried this month's ago.
Go to where you want to take your picture.
Now set your lens to Manual, I know it's scary but it will be ok.
Then take a picture of a piece of white paper.
The white should take up the whole frame.
Then go to Menu.
Then select the 2nd menu, which is the camera with the number 2 next to it.
Then arrow down to the Custom WB area.
Select your picture of the white paper.
Now, you are all set.
Just push the WB button with the down arrow.
Select the white balance all the way to the right, Custom.
You can turn your lens back to Auto where it is nice and safe.
You are all away.

Hope that made sense.
It was clearer to me after I did it, as opposed to just trying to read my manual.
Why does the manual always seem more confusing?

Hope this helps.
All the info about this week's info, super helpful and printable, is available right HERE.

(hint: even if you are super busy and crazed these days, I know exactly how that can be, I highly suggest downloading these .pdf files and saving them or printing them, so you can come back to the info when life is a lot slower)


M. said...

good experimentation! do you have a flickr account?
there's mine, if you have one, feel free to add me there too!

kat said...

I love your hints...Definitely something I'm totally into and it might come in handy as this year I will finally get a nice big fat expensive camera.

Greta Adams said...

aghhh i need to catch up on these...thanks for the tip...will have to try it...i have florecent lights in the scrap room so i just use that setting and works great will be trying this out ASAP

M. said...

you actually have a lot of photos on flickr! they look great though :)

liz mataraza said...

looks like that photo thing is working out for you...i downloaded them and started reading them and i must be an idiot b/c i still don't understand any of it!!! soooo frustrating! love the hamburglar glass. i got a couple star-wars ones myself. (and that lo is just a computer transparency--didn't want to use my hambly up).

blah said...

I love your hints and can't wait till I get my very own DSLR to play with.

michelle sturgeon said...

Someday I'll have a cool camera too, then I will understand what the HELL you just wrote! LOL!

Kristine said...

Oh my goodness. Thought this was very good, however, my camer is much cheaper I'm sure and I went thru most of the instructions until I got to the part about setting to manual lens. AAAck!! But ya know what?? My auto white balance turned out pretty good. Tungsten was slightly brighter. Check out my post if you'd like. i JUST posted it so should be at the top. (if you've got time) ha ha. That's a laugh--what's THAT?!! I's so busy. Ciao!!

Risa said...

Thank you for sharing these tips Simone!

Paula said...

Simone, thanks for posting the hints and the side-by-side comparison. I am downloading and saving those tutorials, but so far have not had a chance to sit with my camera and do the lessons. great job, I have an XT, and am not happy with my pictures all the time. Shoot on manual, are you kidding, don't go there!

Deborah said...

Oh you are such the camera genius! (wink)! Good job! Deb