Monday, January 14

She's Crafty

sing it with me...
She's crafty she gets around
She's crafty she's always down
She's crafty she's got a gripe
She's crafty and she's just my type

I wanted to get a good picture of my latest crochet project.
But the boy was peeved because he had to help carry 16 loads of laudry to the car.
So I got these shots instead.

I actually like the second blurry one the best, is that weird?
This little baby only took me a week during the holidays and it helped keep my mind of the stress of the occassion.
And had it not been for Connie, I wouldn't even know how to get the yarn started from the skein!
(yes, I am that slow)
But proof that I dabble in many crafts, which just leads to many half done projects.
details: triple crochet, acrylic yarn by lion


Deborah said...

Great color of green against your face! You look great, I like the last pixture the best! Pretty lady! Deb

Melissa said...

Awesome Simone! It looks fabulous with your hair and coloring!

Many Blessings,

Donna Baker said...

looks great!! Your hair is getting so long, you look fabulous! I like the middle picture too.

blah said...

Very cute scarf! I love your hair!!!!!!!!!! It looks great.

Nancywithajones said...

LEAST YOU DOOOOOO other crafty things girlfriend. LOOKS AWESOME and I LOVE the green on you. I wouldnt have a CLUE where to start with that.. cant I just make out of scrapbook paper bwahahahaha

glo.riah said...

LOVE the green


Crafty Connie said...

Great job Simone! I like the color, it is sooooo you!

kat said...

How can you do all that? And how come I can do none of it? Love the green scarve. Looks great on you and I like the third picture the best.

Rita said...

Oh you are just too funny girl! Get it FUNNY GIRL....that was a movie with Barbara Streisand right? You look like a movie star with those sunglasses! I can always count on you to make me laugh! I like the 3rd pic & that scarf is beautiful!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

You are a MILF! LOL. I love your hair long too, looks great! Cute glasses too

Paula said...

Green, love it. Crochet scarf, love it. Pics of Simone, love it.

Jenn D said...

I think photo 2 is my favorite as well. The scarf is gorgeous!

Abra Leah Cross said...

I love to crochet. If you'd like to learn about a wonderful cause, check out the Warm Up America! website. It's a wonderful way to put your crafting to use to help others. :)

I teach other teachers how to crochet every year and "charge" them one square to donate. It's a lot of fun. This year we made an entire blanket! :)

Risa said...

You look so happy and your scarf is great! You did a wonderful job making it.

Cricket said...

awesome scarf Simone! You are rockin' in the craftiness department!!


Noel said...

oooh...very nice! Love the color and it looks great on you!