Monday, January 14

Stick 'em Up!

Before the holidays, Max's teacher wanted to do a little project so she requested 2 socks (one white and one colored) and some buttons.
Max knew they were making snowmen and was a little worried about the project.
"This better not be baby!"
He is always a little apprehensive about "art" (I use this term loosely) at his school because the projects always seem to be extremely basic and usually not age appropriate.
The kid's been requesting a little Monet for a year now.

The teacher slipped a disc in her back and missed the whole week before the holidays, so they didn't get to work on their snowmen.
Well, until last Friday.

Apparently, the kids were supposed to fashion the little snowman with a turtleneck sweater outta the colored sock they brought.
Max had other plans.

He was so proud of his little robber.
He told me, "I looked at this part of the sock and knew it looked like a ski mask, so that's where I got the idea."
And apparently all the kids thought it was the coolest and tried to trade with him.
And for some reason he really wanted to give it to her.
I think he has a crush, ever since she sent him a robot card.
But his father begged and pleaded about getting it because he thought it was the coolest and that the rest of the Chicago PD would think so too and Max gave in.

He told me, "I really think he needs a tiny gun but I knew better in school. Aren't you proud mom, I knew better than to make a gun at school!"
"Yes Max, super proud you didn't get expelled today...thanks!"


Greta Adams said...

i just spit my water everywhere!!!

you tell him to take his robber back from his daddy because i WANT IT!!!!! DANG IT!!! how dare he give my robber away!!!

that's okay maybe when he comes down he can make me another one!!!

and by god i am taking him to see that cool robot in new orleans too...maybe on friday we can go over and do that...

kat said...

OMG that is so cool. The gun thing made me laugh really hard.

Donna Baker said...

Max is creative, just like his Momma - too funny

Paula said...

Simone, I don't know who is funnier; Max, for making the boy from da 'hood, or you for the way you tell the story.

Elaine said...

That is just the most darling little robber in the whole wide world!! VERY VERY CUTE~~~~~~~~

And hey, wanna know what my son did with HIS snowman 10 years ago (and I happened to be helping in the classroom this fine day)...he took the sparkly pom poms and glued them on so it became a "mom snowman"....well, I didn't have THOSE, but I knew what he meant....sort of taking after his dad I suppose! lol

Love you story though and it brought back sweet memories of when my 16 y/o was young and innocent (or not)...

Michele Kovack said...

I am laughing my ass off over here! Kyle was hoping for a little gun to go with that robber, even if it did mean expulsion! (Kyle reads your blog with me everyday, he says you crack him up too!)

Sharon said...

OMG! Too funny! Can I borrow it to scare a few of my little rugrats in my class? That would make my day go real fast.

Take care!

michelle sturgeon said...

How cool is that? Max is officially the coolest kid I know.

Crafty Connie said...

I LOVE that young man!!!
He is so precious.
He needs to make a new "snowman" for his girl Greta. Maybe for valentine's day????

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness!! I just found your blog and I'm rolling on the floor laughing my rear off!!! He sounds like my son... only mine's a tad younger.