Friday, December 21

Cute as Buttons

I realized that I should just start buttoning everything in sight since I own all those buttons now.
So I made this little button tree last weekend and it was lickety split.

All the buttons are held in place with glue dots and since I have been buttonizing everything I have officially run outta glue dots.
The little star on top is cut with my old Sizzix and then sticklized on the edges, I also stickled my fingers in the process.
Cut the litte trunk myself.
The greeting is from Savvy Stamps and stamped in Real Red.
I made another little button card but I sealed it in an envelope before I remembered I hadn't taken a picture.
Because of the buttons, these little button cards were sent along with presents to some girlies down south.


M. said...

i love the button trees! very cute!

blah said...

I LOVE this one!!!!! Super cute!!!!! Good job getting rid of some of the button stash as well. Does this mean you get to go and get more buttons, now :-)

Donna Baker said...

Simone, this is SO cute!! I hardly ever use buttons, but I could so see myself doing this (but, I'd have to spend more $ and I'm tired of 'doing Christmas' now. Thanks for reassuring me the eye twitch is prob. just stress. No twitching today so far!

Melissa K. said...

Gah! This is freakin' adorable.

Elaine said...

I must have missed these before - I love em! How adorable! I may try it with hearts for Valentine's!! TFS!!