Tuesday, November 13

Lady Bugs ATTACK!

Does anyone else have a multitude of ladybugs infesting there house?
We have them in the back room mostly, don't know how they are getting in, but they are everywhere!

Anyone have any ladybug solutions....please pass them on.

They don't eat paper do they?
Oh no.


Rita said...

I can sympathize! We have had this problem for about 5 years now. They have been fewer in the last 2 years since we put in vinyl siding. From what I'm told they are trying to find a home for the winter & get into the tiniest of cracks. We have them on one side of the house in two rooms, the Den downstairs & our Bedroom upstairs. I don't understand why they don't get in Dining Room (same floor & side as Den)? If you find out how to get rid of them let me know. Good luck!

Jan Scholl said...

I scoop them up and return them outside or to the compost area

read this. be glad they arent earwigs-yuck.


Michele Kovack said...

Nope....just you....just kidding, I have them too. IT sounds like you have them much worse though. I have had only a few stragglers. Have no advice for you.....sorry!

Jenn D said...

It's because they are starting to look for a warm spot to hybernate. The worst part is that these are the Asian ladybugs that bite. They have no known predators either in the US, so they just multiply and multiply.

Try going to Sandridge or is it Sand Ridge State Park. It's cool because it is the only place in Illinois where cactus grows naturally, they are so thick you can't see and they get in your ears and nose. YUCK!

I'm a huge ladybug fan, American ladybugs that is. The Asian ones have white faces, the American ones have all black faces, so if you take a close look make sure to save the good ones. LOL!

Josie said...

I know they are supposed to be good luck or something but they skeeve me out.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

I doubt they're ladybugs, they're probably Asian lady beetles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_lady_beetle

glo.riah said...

ow, i have never heard of a problem like that before.
seeing as how they are ladies, perhaps asking them nicely to go would work?

michelle sturgeon said...

LOL! It's the perfect temp for ladybugs to cluster. It's too chilly outside, and your windows or patio doors and ceilings are the perfect place for clustering!
Ladybugs do not eat paper.
Ladybugs are not harmful.
Ladybugs are good luck.