Thursday, November 15

Fall Has Arrived

Yep, somehow we sped right through September and October and now I find myself a week from Thanksgiving just dewildered that it is here already.
Seems like the years are speeding up as I get older or maybe I am just forgetting more and more.
But Fall is definitely here.
The leaves are falling like mad.
The air is brisk, love that.
The heat is on in the apartment.
I hear the Gingerbread latte is back at Starbucks.
And the 'ol door is sporting it's fall look.

It seems that the cool weather is what is bringing in those Asian ladybugs, thanks for the 411 everyone.
I didn't even know there were the Asian breed and now that I think about it, I don't know the last time I actually saw a true ladybug, they all look like these now.
They are truly infesting my craft room and I am sure I will be squealing all winter when I pull out paper and these little critters come out as well.

I'm getting ready for my low key Thanksgiving.
Everyone is going to be away this year, so it is just a few people as opposed to a circus.
May be nice to actually have a calm holiday for once.
And I only have to bring dessert which is perfect because I love to bake.
Now I just have to think of something to make.
Any ideas?
Nothing pumpking...Blech!

Stay tuned, posting a little giveaway when I get home this afternoon, I'm sure you will find it a tad amusing, for sure!


Mimi said...

Apple crisp?

Paula said...

Love the door, Simone. It def looks "fallish".

HMMMM what to about tiramisu, oh since I've been to Italy I want that all the time now.But it's not baking.

katemade designs said...

It's a holiday thing and not pumpkin and so easy -- peppermint brownies. just add finely crushes starlite mints or candy canes. It's the ONLY way I can eat peppermint. I love pumpkin though.