Tuesday, October 9

Sister Crop

Well, I headed north on Saturday in the unseasonably warm midwest weather to meet up with some of my sisters from SIS.
I suckered convinced Michele into going with me a while back and being the pal she is didn't even cancel knowing the driving that would be involved.

Look at us, me with my gigantic arm (man, I need to do a push up or something) and handmade nametag, Michele and her petiteness as usual....good times.

Here's all my sistahs together on Saturday.
I think they took this picture with Elly's camera and I have to say she must have had it set on the "tan setting" because I look like I just got back from vacation and everyone knows I am jaundice color year round.
But I love the malibu Simone look.
Oh and Miss Sarah Moore was there and let me use many many of her stamps which was awesome.

I had such fun with these girls and blabbed and blabbed all day.
And somehow managed to get 8 pages done as well.
(note to self: take pictures of pages, duh!)

Can't wait for our next one in April.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a really fun day! 8 pages...WOW!

I like the Malibu Simone look! :)

Melissa said...

Malibu Simone?! Hahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh so early in the morning. I needed it!

Excellent photos!

Greta Adams said...

love the pics...looks like ya'll had fun

Michele Kovack said...

You are too funny girl! And no the driving didn't kill me! I didn't even get lost which is so freaking amazing! I had a great time....even if I didn't get a whole lot done!

Josie said...

So happy I got to meet you
sad we couldn't chat more
but now we can blog together!!

michelle sturgeon said...

Oh, looks like fun!
OK, so when did you cut your hair?