Friday, October 5


Yep, Friday already and I am soooo ready for my long weekend!

*Did you know that there are some Gwen Stefani freebies on the HP site?
I didn't, til I was catching up on The Office season premiere from last week and saw it.
Seems to be some problems with the site loading, maybe people are flooding it?
But from what I saw there are some cool things.

*The Office is just hysterical, glad I got to catch up on missed episodes, did you know you can watch them online? I may have to do that from now on, permanently. Especially if they plan on running it at the same time as Grey's for the whole season.

*I am loving the sound of this album from the movie, Once, which I have been dying to see for months. Something about Glen's voice that reminds me of Cat Stevens so much and the song Falling Slowly is so powerful to me, I almost bust out in tears every time I hear it.
Key word...almost.
"take this sinking boat and point it home, we still got time.."

*The kid really wants to see the new movie (musical), Across the Universe, it's a musical based on all Beatles songs but looks quite vivid and like an acid trip, really.
But I think it is a must-see for us, anyone seen it?

*Has everyone seen the new Langley Boy design stamps?
The "put your big girl panties on" is so for my buddy Greta, it is like a motto of hers.
I like stamps with witty sayings like those and they are quite a value.

*Working on my Halloween swap this weekend, hope all you other witches are too!!

*Went to the store yesterday and low and behold...Christmas stuff was being put on the shelves!!
It's only October...please make it stay away a little longer!
Bah humbug.

*I was putting together a little nametag for the crop I am attending tomorrow and I just had to add skulls.
I have a thing for skulls.
Max came in.
"Why do you have to add skulls to everything?"
"They're cool."
"Oh and you think you're cool?"
"I am cool."
"Says who?"
I was silent for about 30 seconds, trying to think of a great comeback.
"People like me."
That response pretty much squelched all my coolness.

*Max went to a concert last night to see a band he likes, Beirut.
His aunts and uncle took him, even bought him a Tshirt.
I wasn't "cool enough" to go.
After the concert he told me he's done going to concerts, "they're not that fun anymore".
Yeah, at 11 he's soooo done with concerts.
He's just that cool.

*Did anyone see the term sinister cute on the MSN home page today, under the A-list searches?
I love sinister cute and never heard that term before.
Like this ashtray, love it!

Alrighty peeps...have a great weekend, back Monday with tons of stuff that I will be making at my all day crop. (see how I am psyching myself up?!!!)


kat said...

So Max is done with concerts at the tender age of eleven? I feel like a grandma now. Let me pull my pants up to my armpits. I will shuffle to my liquor cabinet where I am going to poor myself and old folks drink before going to bed at 8pm :) OMG that kid of yours is great. Have a good weekend!

Deborah said...

What fun you will have all day scrappin'! Deb

Kelly said...

Sounds like Max is one cool guy!! Sounds like Mom is too! Have a super weekend stampin!!

BroadwayBaby said...

I saw Across the Universe and LOVED it. Go see it!!

Mimi said...

I totally want to see "Across the Universe".

And, I only saw the second half of "The Office" last night, so I need to catch up. I'm not supersticious, just a little sticious"

Admin said...

Wow Simone thanks for the plug, I'm glad you like the stamps, and my sense of humor, as twisted as it is *wink* I had a lot of fun designing them.

PS i knew it would happen logically, but let me tell you it's weird seeing something i drew on someone else's blog *grin*

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Totally stamps for greta! Love them!

michelle sturgeon said...

Have fun at your crop, Spazzy!

Alyssa said...

Just catching up on your blog...have a great time scrappin–can't wait to see what you come up with!

Greta Adams said...

oh girl...yeah i have to have that set just for that saying...i say that shit all the time....hehehehe