Tuesday, October 9

Let's Go Fly A Kite

After I was told last week that it was gonna cost me $10 every time I took a picture of this little "angel", I thought for sure he wouldn't let me follow him to the park yesterday and snap these.

But lucky for me, the ADD can also work in my favor and he completely forgot he told me that.
This is how we spent our day off school, attempting to fly a kite.
Seemed much easier when I was younger.
And could run faster.
And didn't lose interest in like 5 minutes.

But at least I got the pictures and it looks like he's flying a kite, right?


Crafty Connie said...

Ten bucks a pic, you better sneak those shots or save your pennies cuz he's such a great photo subject. Can't wait to see those pics in a layout, I know that they will be fantastic.

michelle sturgeon said...

LOL! Great photos!

kat said...

Ten bucks a pic? He sure is selling himself. Go Max!