Wednesday, October 31

It's Alive....Alive!

Is she dead?

Naw, I am alive and now well.
Thanks for all the concerned emails about whether or not I may have fallen off the planet or died...I appreciate it.
Rest assured, if I were dead, I woulda posted on my blog from my afterlife and apologize.

I got extremely sick a week ago and was out of commission for a few days, no work, no cohesive thoughts. Just me, worshipping the porcelain god for a while.
And after I was once again able to consume liquids, it still took me a couple days to shake that walking dead feeling.
Then, when I was back to me, I had to deal with the aftermath of what happens when the mommy and solo employee is dead to the world for a while.
It wasn't pretty.
My house coulda been condemned, easily. 11 year old boy who suddenly has all the freedom in the world to throw dirty socks into every corner of the house, never rinse a plate and just leave things where they lie for about 4 days.
It was a nightmare.

So, I am still catching up at home and at work.
I am not liking this actually working at work crap, for sure.
And my house is pretty much back to normal, although the black bottoms of Max's socks tells me I need to mop...bad!

Lucky for me, while I was on my deathbed, I got so many presents that really cheered me up.
Some came and I was so sick, I didn't even open them for a couple days.
(that's how sick I was)
But when I did, it truly made my day.
THIS is why I love Halloween so much.
A holiday when people sent me presents I love and I didn't have to make a list for them, tell them what I like, where to buy it and how much it costs.
And when I opened the boxes, it was a surprise and a feeling like, "Wow, how did she know I would like this? That was so nice of her. I can't believe she thought of me."
Maybe your Xmas is like that in your house, but I can honestly say, only Halloween is like this in our family.

And I promise, pictures are coming of all my wonderful goodies.
Hopefully, it will stay sunny today and I can get some.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank Michelle, for this wonderful card for Halloween.
I was totally surprised and touched that you thought of me.
Michelle has to be one of the nicest bloggers I know, if you don't know her, you want me!!
And a big thanks to my buddy, Connie who not only sent me this cute card (I love it!) but also a wonderful Halloween package and some envelopes because she knew I needed them.
The envelopes made me cry.
Well...cry dry tears because I had no fluids left in my body.
And she sent Max a little addition to his spooky town. He loves Connie and always tells everyone how "Connie knows me."
Cracks me up every time.
Connie is truly my nicest IRL friend and I am so lucky to call her a friend. I could blab with her for hours (and have!) and we have the same obsessive personality when it comes to crafts.
Again....don't know Connie??? You should!
Check out her blog....HERE.
My Halloween swap package came from Jessica and it was amazing (pictures to come!) and Tracy sent me a package of all things skullz...OMG....loved it so much. I swear I talked about these things for days with everyone.
Most people just looked at me and nodded, not understanding the coolness of great paper or a new stamp.

Oh and
It is supposed to be chilly here tonight for the tricksters but as long as it is not wet, they should be fine.
I was told that at the ripe 'ol age of 11, the kid is "too old" for that kinda thing and if he wants candy, "I can buy it myself."
Yep, broke my heart this morning.
I trick or treated through high school!
But I guess I wasn't as cool as he is.

So I'm back.

I think the Malaria is over.
I hope. (really hope!!)
And to make it up to all of ya....A giveaway is coming!
And it is a good one.
Let's just say that most of you will find it amusing.

Thanks for sticking with me during my long, long, long absence.
Have a spooktacular day!!


Mimi said...

Happy Halloween!

I'm glad you are back from the dead, being sick is horrible.

Crafty Connie said...

Glad to hear you are up and about! Have fun tonight with the ghouls and goblins!
Thanks for the kind words, you are one of my great friends and it's a pleasure and honor to call you friend.

Greta Adams said...

so glad you didn't die on me...what the hell would i do without ya? sheesh!!

connie and michelle are the best...truly talented...

can't wait to see your pic of the goods

My Paper World said...

Im glad that you are feeling better. You recieved some great cards! Happy Halloween!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Welcome back to the world! Getting sick just sucks the life right outta ya. Cute happy scrappies!

Michele Kovack said...

YEA!!! You are back!!!Really? Max didn't go Trick or treating? I wanted to see his Michael Jackson costume....really?
Glad you are back seriously....

Cricket said...

sorry to hear you were so sick!! Glad you are doing better!! I hear ya on the kiddos getting too old to trick or treat...kinda like when they don't believe in Santa sad!


michelle sturgeon said...

I am so happy to see you are back! I was worried about you!
I trick-or-treated into high school also...and I WAS cool! So there!

Kristina Lewis said...

Yeah! You're back! I have missed you! Now you won't be sick again this winter, you got it out of the way, right?! (That's what I tell myself anyways :)!)

Josie said...

glad to see you back!
hope you had a good halloween!

Rita said...

So glad that you are back...I missed you. I need my laugh for the day, but alas you are back to give it now!!! Can't wait to see what you received in the mail.