Friday, October 19

This is ME Journal Pages

Remember how I am working on a This Is Me Journal that has fabulous challenges over on this blog?
Yeah, I didn't remember either.
I always have great intention about following through on things, but my adult ADD always gets in the way.
Especially when the challenges span weeks or months.
I usually forget.
Or get bored with it.
Or distracted.
This time, I am definitely not bored with this project, just majorly distracted, busy and lets not forget....I have a tumor!
(yes, I tend to overreact and dramatize everything...glad to hear some of you do too!)

But I am trying to catch up on the challenges and besides the doodling challenge, they all appeal to me.
So here are a few pages that I have been working on lately and these challenges are at least a couple weeks old (in case you're looking for them).

This page about a favorite quote was the easiest.I knew exactly the quote I was going to use...instantly.
It's my favorite, from my favorite movie.
"There's such a fine line between clever and stupid."
So true, so true!!
This movie has so many more of my favorite quotes as well and if you haven't seen Spinal Tap, you have really been missing one of the greatest movies ever.
I used a Pink Sugar Pop stamp on this page that I love because not only was it a perfect image but it stamped beautifully.
I stamped it here with black Staz On on a piece of clear packaging (my transparency substitute).

All my pages in this book use the Scenic Route paper and I can't say enough good things about it.
The arrows....the paper....the embellishments....
All are just AMAZING.
You can get all these fabulous products HERE.
And even better yet, there is a kit available, so you don't have to pick and choose yourself...
AND....her whole store is on sale!!!
Yes, I said whole store!!
7 Gypsies!!
Queen and Co. Felt!!

Yeah, she's pretty much insane.
But you have til Sunday to take advantage of her temporary insanity!
Tell Noel I sent ya over for the insanity and all, she'll love that.


Kristina Lewis said...

Love it! I think I may have seen that purse somewhere before...oh yeah, in my house :)! I have never seen Spinal Tap, but my DH quotes it. Have a great weekend :)!

michelle sturgeon said...

Great page, Spazzy!

Mimi said...

Snicker! That is a good quote.

"It's eleven. That's one more than ten"

My Paper World said...

Great pages, all showing your great sense of humour! I love them all!

Crafty in Calgary said...

Great job. And, I completely hear ya on the adult ADD. Although, I think that working under pressure (b/c I never do anything early) is always best, for me at least! :)

Noel said...

That is an awesome quote,...and an even more awesome LO!! Love it!

One of my favorite quotes from that movies is the one about having a level 11 on his speaker so his is the loudest...LMAO!!

Thanks for the shout out!!

Deborah said...

Fun and so you! You spazzy chick! TFS! Deb

kathy said...

Great page.I love the quote I think it just became my quote to my employee' Thanks

Elaine said...

That's a great bunch of stuff to share! I wouldn't be brave enough to open my'd see a cell phone, a raspberry, my wallet, a hot pink zebra gel pen, a coinpurse, and a fork - and maybe some lipstick and a starbucks gift card! LOL

Spinal Tap, huh?? ;-)

Noel said...

ok...I know I laready commented, but I have to let you know I tagged you on my blog! hehe!

Cricket said...

Great layouts Simone!! I LOVE that movie too!!!


Unknown said...

just love your new LO's super funny!

Josie said...

Great pages! I love that quote - might have to steal it.
Ha! Only if I find the time to scrapbook. I really need to get started on my me album.