Thursday, November 1

Happy Post Halloween

Well, the brat kid decided to go beg for candy last night afterall.
I didn't even have to beg as I had planned all day, he had his mind made up when he got home from school.
"Was thinking mom, I think I should go trick-or-treating, free candy is better than paying."
I think it was all the hype at school with kids talking about the boatload of sweets they were going to collect that made him suddenly change his mind.
Although, if you ask him, he just decided himself.

So I was his candy pimp, sending him to as many houses as I could in as short a period of time because it was only 45 degrees last night and momma was cold.
I had the camera in tow.
But the brat kid, wouldn't let me take any pictures.
I snuck this one in when he wasn't paying attention and wasn't explaining to me why he didn't want any photos.
"You see mom, sometimes a kid...."
"If you keep taking pictures then the fun is..."

We didn't hit nearly as many houses as we did last year.
He wasn't in the marathon mode that he once was.
So we didn't beat last year's record of 11 lbs, but we still had plenty.

And he actually let me take this picture of him because grandma was getting a picture at her super-duper decked out house.
He would never say no to the lady who handed him a bag of candy and $10.
Just me.

And it is Science Fair season once again in the Chicagoland area.
So we've been experimenting and researching and working on our project.
I have never been a fan of Science and definitely not a fan of anything that comes home from school with the word PROJECT typed on the top.
But I have been trying to make the best of it and make it seem like Science is the funnest thing ever!

Just don't tell the kid I almost failed all my Science classes in high school and the highest grade I ever got was a 'D'.
Shhhhh...he thinks I know what I am doing, although I hooked up this battery wrong 3 times and blamed it on the colors of the wires.


Greta Adams said...

i love that kid i tell ya ...i simple love him!!!

i can you not love a kid who is always looking out for me? can ya tell me?

did he do his whole break danceing routine? oh god please tell me he did

Michele Kovack said...

You are so damn funny! What happened to Michael Jackson?

Alyssa said...

Brrr...sounds like a cold but fun Halloween.

Noel said...

yay for trick or treating!! I'm glad he ended up wanting to go!

Risa said...

Your son is so cute! I know you two had fun and it was a rainy chilly Halloween here in Michigan. We (the kids) didn't get a chance to trick or treat as much as they did last year. I hope you are feeling better.

Crafty Connie said...

Hey, don't come down on my man Max. He dances to his own drum-beat, lol!!! The poor guy is at that age when he is not sure if he is too old or cool for something that deep down he really wants to do. Ah, the inner struggle of tween-dom.
Loving the science project!!! Chicks aren't supposed to know about batteries, just have the jumper cables and smile sweetly and someone will help you. Where are those brothers of yours for the fun science fair project?

michelle sturgeon said...

Loved reading this! You are so funny!