Tuesday, August 7


Finally brought my camera to work so I could capture this little guy that sits on my monitor and watches my every move.
One day a couple weeks ago I couldn't get the kid to go to day camp and he spent his day trying to amuse himself in my office.
He giggle at himself while he carefully cut out the little guy.
Everyday I giggle just a little (even weeks later) because
He likes to make himself laugh, just like me.
And he abuses the exclamation point just like....ME!!!!!!!!!

Woke him up bright and early this morning for day 2 of what I am now referring to as Sweat Camp, instead of soccer camp.
"Max, it's time to get up!"
"You have to get ready for camp."
"I have to go back?"

Didn't want to put his shoes back on his now blistered little footsies.
And it's 90 again.


Crafty Connie said...

I do not envy Max!
It is nasty outside, just like the rain forest.
But it beats 10 below zero and a wind chill which will be here before too long.

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahaha! I love it.

I hate the heat, and that sounds painful. Poor Max.

michelle sturgeon said...

I love the drawing max did. And I don't want to go to sweat camp either. (OK, it's called work, but still...)

Melissa said...

Maybe the little giggle can help ease the pain of it being the threshold of you know where hot?!

Hang in there!

blah said...

Cute pic--Max has some talent. I don't blame him for not wanting to go. Miles didn't want to go to swim class this morning because he said he doesn't like to shake when he's done (he shivers because he's so cold)

Alyssa said...

We have the opposite problem...swim lesons in an outdoor pool when it's been overcast and in the mid 70's. My kids lips are purple and are covered from head to toe in goose bumps!

Risa said...

I love that lil robot.....How cute!
How can you help it and not smile when you look at your child when he/she is asleep. Especially when they are good kids. You gotta love it Simone. I hope that you and Max have a great day tomorrow, despite the heat.

Rose said...

I found some recipes at food network.com.

Wine& Cheese Recipes

If they love chocolate fondue then what about cheese fondue instead, you could use fruit, veggies and bread for dipping. Then there's always baby quiche. Good Luck and have tons of fun!

I'll email you my cookie icing recipe, it's super simple.

Paula said...

Awww, that drawing is so cute! I STILL have drawings and such my kids made me, and nobody will make me get rid of them. Love it, Simone.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

dude! that is funny! you should have him mass produce and sell them personalized!