Tuesday, August 7

A little wine

The kind you drink, not the kind that comes out of my mouth most days.

This card is another for one of the dares, embossing on vellum.
Got this stamp set at the Archivers over the weekend, wasn't gonna buy anything but this whole set of cocktail stamps practically jumped in my hands.
In fact, Max was the one who said, "Here mom, you would like these."
Wow, what does that say about me?
Mad me laugh.
Then proudly proclaimed loudly enough for the chicks closest to me to hear...
"Mama likes to get her drink on baby!"
I am hosting a wine tasting party on Friday for everyone who helped me move this last time.
My family and friends loved it the last time we did it and have begging me ever since to do it again.
So, trying to put the final touches on the place and shove everything else in closets.
Gotta at least give the appearance that I am all moved in and settled.

I am making little scoring books for my guests (did this last time and it was a hoot!) with these new stamps but when I color and blend with my gamsol, it is smearing the black Staz On ink.
This frustrates me to no end.
It has never done this before, but my new white cardstock from SU, which is not only in super flimsy form now, but it also does this!
It is making my white wine look all mucky.

I know there is a tip out there somewhere, so feel free to throw it this way.

I am serving appiteasers for my little shindig, but haven't a clue what besides the cheese plate.
These people are obsessed with their cheese.
And chocolate fondue for dessert.
They love their chocolate too.
What else could I make that does not require a stove?
And would be a good wine party appiteaser?
Cheetos in a big bowl?
Does that scream classy?


Crafty Connie said...

How about a simple taco dip.
8 oz of cream cheese
8 oz of sour cream
Mix together and add taco seasoning to taste.
Spread out on a throw away foil cookie sheet.
Add shredded lettuce, chopped up tomatoes and shredded taco cheese.
Serve with tostadas.
No cooking, can be prepared the night before and no clean up, just throw out the foil cookie sheet.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm! This sounds like a fun idea. A wine tasting party! Let's see how about a veggie pizza it's real good. If your interested let me know I don't know the recipe by heart but I can get it out for you.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh....can I come? Sounds like loads of fun, and I am a wine lover....or should I say wino? LOL!

Melissa K. said...

What about fruit? Good with the wine AND the cheese.

blah said...

Dang, if I lived closer, I'd crash your party. Check this link out for some ideas: http://lifestyle.msn.com/FoodandEntertaining/TheWineLife/Article.aspx?cp-documentid=1112309

Kristina Lewis said...

Ooh, I'm telling you if I lived closer, I would so be there!! I love the taco dip that Connie posted! It's a staple at every party I throw! The story about Max made me laugh! Have you ever seen the cocktail napkin with the old photos that says, "Monica dear, that was a precious story, now go fix mommy a drink?"

Lorrie said...

Too bad I live so far away, because I love wine!!! The fruit idea from Melissa sounds good, quick and no cooking!
I always make a dip made with cream cheese, browned sausage and Rotelle (brand) chilies and peppers. You brown the sausage, put in a crock pot, add cream cheese and peppers and heat. Serve with tortilla chips. Not sure this would go well with the wine, though. Have fun at your party!

Paula said...

Nice idea, the wine tasting. Wish I could come, too. :>). I'll bring something fab to eat.

Re the Staz-on. Sometimes it bleeds for me, too. I have tried Ranger Archival and Palette brand pads for better luck with coloring in. I only drag out the Staz-on for stamping on glass or plastic. I HATE the way it stains.

Shannan Teubner said...

I agree with Paula, I only use Palette inks with my prismas & OMS now. No smudging!

Alhambra Club said...

Wine tasting, what fun, love this card, the coloring is fantastic.