Tuesday, August 21


So meant to post this on Friday, figured Friday is a good day to post about nothing.
But I have been a bit busy.
Top secret project.
Totally sucking my will to blog.
Just need to finish this baby and I will be back full force.
Wish my Adult ADD would stop impeding the process.

So on to the randomness....

Has everyone seen the line up for the Celebrity Apprentice?
Joan Rivers, Carmen Electra, Jim Cramer of CNBC, Naomi Judd, George Foreman, Pete Rose, Tony Hawk, Danica Patrick, and Jeff Gordon
Now that is a show I may tune in to see.
Carmen Electra flirting with everyone.
Joan Rivers being herself.
Naomi Judd, enough said.
Could be insane....I hope so.

Not sure why this bothers me, but it does and maybe it irks someone else too?
Why does Ali Edwards have to refer to herself as a life artist?
Saw her new book, Life Artist, and it just irks me.
Too good to be called a scrapbooker? paper crafter? crafter?
I love Ms. Edwards, have both of her previous books and love them to pieces.
But this is just a little much, to give yourself a title like this.
I think I will refer to myself as a Blog Artist, I capture life's little moments in my blog.
She does have info and some good info HERE though, see I like her, but it is just...

Saw Disturbia last week, stupid!
Not scary enough.
Rear Window is so much better.

Bought a Magic Bullet.
Yes, the infomercial sucked us in.
The kid is a milkshake fanatic and I thought this would be a way he could safely make one with a minimal mess.
My impressions so far?
Does not work like it does on tv, I know, you're shocked.
It turned my onion into a liquid, with large pieces still!
And it is very loud.
Not sure we are keeping it even though we got an amazing deal.
I am a total sucker for infomercials, totally.

I am making a large purchase of Scrappy Goodness this week because my buddy Carol has gotten some shipments from the stuff we ordered at CHA.
Very exciting, I love new.
Expect to see some new Scenic Route, Dude Designs, Savvy Stamps and images colored with my new Copic Markers.
I'm pretty sure I won't have a clue how to use them properly, but I am gonna try.

Oh and I almost forgot, I had to visit the clinic over the weekend.
Got, what I thought/think was, a mosquito or itch mite bite on my arm last week.
No biggie.
Those nasty itch mites are wicked.
Had some of those before and I don't know if we are the only ones luck enough here in Illinois to get this pesky little bugger, but man they itch.
Don't know how they made their way here this summer.
Well, this little bite really didn't itch, but it was red.
Left it alone.
It got bigger.
And bigger.
And bigger.
I took mass quantities of Benadryl and Calydryl.
I marked where it was on Friday to see how much it was growing.
It was kinda scary.
Went to the clinic on Sunday because my mother yelled at me, usually that's what it takes.
I have cellulitis on my arm.
Some nasty infection in my arm because she told me "you musta scratched it"
Nope, I swear I didn't.
Or it is a spider bite or something other than a mosquito.
She gave me antibiotics.
They are making my stomach quite woozie.
But it isn't making the large red splotch that covers my arm go away.
Looks like I may have to go back, which, there is nothing I hate more.
Especially because I will have to pay for a second visit, when it was their fault for not giving me the right thing in the first place.

Told my mom, "You were right mom, I have an infection, Cellulitis"
"Cellulite? Cottage Cheese fat on your arm? Then why is it red?"
"No mom, Cellulitis...not cellulite."
Oh mom.

Hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday, I am heading my way south this afternoon to visit my buddy Michele. We can gab and our boys can hang.
Man, I hope I don't get lost but it seems inevitable, always happens.


Michele Kovack said...

I am the only one who gets lost...as we know! Got the pool warming up and the bug spray ready...it's like a damn tropical rainforest out there! Dont' mind my really loooong grass!

Libby Hickson said...

Love your ramblings - too funny. Let's see - didn't hear about the Apprentice, may actually have to watch again!! Sorry about your arm, yikes! And I have to say I disagree about Ali Edwards - I got to meet her, she is so cool - and I think she would say all scrappers should call themselves life artists, bc we are artists and we scrap about our lives. But I may be wrong - she may just think she's all that. ;-)

InspiredByInk said...

Yo, yo , YO DAWG hehehe sorry, I wanted to share with you my hubby's FAVORITE recipe for the bullet. While I find it gREAT for grinding flax seed into miniscule pieces (which I slip into my recipe's w/o the family knowing... hehe) my hubby is a chocoholic and LOVES making mousse with it. Simple and easy peasy as 1, 2 & 3!!
#1 add some heaving whipping cream into the small plastic piece, #2 add a squirt of hersheys syrup (that didn't sound right at all!) and #3 just put it on that bullet and whiz until it turns into mousse! I like making protein drinks w/a banana, honey, protein powder, ground flaxseed and some ice cubes. You can always add ice cream for good measure lol.

Hope your arm gets better quick!

Bobbie *Ü*

Unknown said...

Oh no.....I am ALWAYS lost! LOL!

So, I didn't know you got the Copic markers. How did I miss that? I read you blog every day!

I need to know what you think of them. I haven't bought them yet, and I'm too cheap to spend the $$$ unless I'm totally convinced they will make me into a *Life Artist*!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your random cjit chat. :o) Hope you and Michele have a blast!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

I don't get the life artist thing either.
PS I almost choked when i saw that you bought a Magic bullet...I was like TMI until i read more about it! LOL

Jo said...

OMG, you got COPICS! I can't wait to see what you got and what you think of them!

Mimi said...

Oh no, what a horrible story - hope your bite feels better.

And, enjoy the time with Michele!

Risa said...

I love to read your ramblings also, too funny! On a serious note, I hope your arm is ok! Do let us know what you think about the Copic Markers. I want to hear a "real" opinion rather than someone trying to promote something! Enjoy yourself and try not to get too lost.

Crafty in Calgary said...

You are hysterical! LMAO about the Magic Bullet! I have been way too tempted to buy that thing! I will probably buy it now...jeez! ;)

Alyssa said...

I'm with you on the "life artist" thing. Sounds goofy...

My SIL has a Magic Bullet and she says they are great...if all you want to make is baby food! Hope you can find someway to use it. :0)

michelle sturgeon said...

I LOVE reading these ramblings, Spazzy! Love them!
I totally thought the Magic Bullet was something entirely different...glad that was cleared up for me. LOL! (Hey, we all get lonely...)
Have fun with Michele!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

short but sweet...

ditto on the busy

double, triple ditto on the "life artist" crap ('course, I'm not the touchy feely type, dontcha know..)

kathleenh said...

I have a magic bullet. I was sucked in by the cheesy infomercial too. I'm ashamed to say I've purchased my fair share of stuff cuz of infomercials. I get embarassed when my husband catches me. lol. I do like the magic bullet. It does pulverize things but it's great for smoothies, chopping stuff like nuts when you want them really ground up, etc. When my first one broke I was lost without it.

Jenn D said...

I love watching Infomercials too. My sister once bought me the wierd egg thing and I exploded egg all over my kitchen once before I sent it over to my Freecycle pile. LOL!

I hope the cellulitis gets better. I hope you weren't anywhere the nasty brown recluse spiders we used to get in the Peoria area. Those bites looked nasty.

Rita said...

First of all hope your arm gets back to normal soon...you need a little more uplifting. Hee! Hee! Seriously, take care of the arm first girl!!! I luv to come over to your blog & see just what you have to say each day...you Rock Girl!!! I can always count on you to make me laugh each day & miss it when you don't blog. So please take care 'cause I need my laughing fix from you each day! Thanks.

Kristina Lewis said...

I love when you get on a roll!! You are the best!! I agree about the whole Ali Edwards thing! My Magic Bullet I love, but I've never used it on an onion. Usually smoothies, chopped nuts, graham crackers to make a crust,... ((hugs))