Tuesday, July 17

My Abbey Road

Well this post is better late than never, I guess.
I have been trying for the life of me to figure out how to get the best pictures of my layouts to post and so far I am just not gettin' it.
My camera is great.
I think I have proper lighting.
I tried cropping them in Photoshop.
And they still just don't look the best.
And so I played and played and played with this one....
This picture still doesn't do it justice!
The paper is Scenic Route, of course, CapeTown Collection, so popular my friend is sold out right now!!
Cardstock is matching Bazzill, I just love that they do that, I am a huge fan!
And see that strip at the bottom, sewed that myself.
See how it is crazy crooked and wacky??!!
That is why I don't try to sew anything like clothes, only paper!

If anyone has any tricks to getting a great layout photo....do share!!


Greta Adams said...

slow down with ya machine woman you will sew your finger up sewing like that....lol

it might just be me but i think the pic looks fine

clhenry99 said...

I think the photo of the layout looks great! Awsome layout by the way.....

Kristina Lewis said...

Love the photo and the page!

Katie Skiff said...

Sorry, no tricks. I really think it looks good.

Unknown said...

I have not clue with the whole layout photo thing. But I think this picture looks great.
And even though your line isn't straight that you sewed it looks like you meant to do that. It doesn't look like a mess up and it makes the layout look great! I like it like that. :)

Michele Kovack said...

I think your page looks just fine! IT is not tooo dark or too light...it is juuuuuust right! The page is awesome!

Alhambra Club said...

This is great - just right, love the layout and papers.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

well, I agree with the others... the photo looks great! i've scanned and stitched a few layouts myself, but that is a huge pain the patoot!

awesome layout, btw!