Monday, July 16

7 More Random Things...

Got tagged again by Geeta, who, if you haven't heard, won third place in the Amuseapalooza Ambassador Contest!! Couldn't be happier for you, your cards were wonderful!

So here are 7 more random things about me, and let me tell ya I was trying to think of something randomly interesting and boy is it tough! (and these are not that interesting)

1. I am addicted to dessert. No seriously, my mom raised me that every meal is followed by a sweet and now I feel like something is missing if I don't get a treat after a meal. That explains the extra 10 pounds!
2. I talk exactly like I type in this blog, except I am crazy animated.
3. My major in college was Theatre, so naturally I work in an office.
4. I use the word Jerk way too much.
5. I can tap dance and juggle.
6. I talk waaaaaayyyyyyy too much!
7. I drive a total beater car ('92 olds delta) that I named Goldie and have begged her on more than one occasion to please start!

If you haven't done this tag yet...Tag! You're it!!
Let me know so I can read your randomness.


Unknown said...

I will do it! I haven't been tagged yet. It will have to be later when my son goes to bed but keep watch for it! :)

Donna Baker said...

I'm TOTALLY with you on the dessert thing! In fact, I was just thinking about what my dessert will be since I just finished dinner...hmmmm

Crafty Connie said...

I too have the dessert thing. See what our Mom's did to us. LOL!!!

Mimi said...


I can "hear" you in my head when I read your writing.

Alhambra Club said...

Well tap dance and juggle at the same time? Thanks for sharing.