Monday, July 16

Coolest Apron you've evah seen!

While I was in the middle of my move to the second floor (still feeling a little silly about that!), I got the most awesome little gift from Jen that made a whole Friday of cleaning and lifting actually tolerable.
Seriously, the timing on this package couldn't have been better!
I won a RAK over at her blog The Felt Mouse for her anniversary and when I heard that it was for a handmade item made by the Crafty queen herself...I squealed with excitement.
I am a major stalker of Jen's after Elizabeth pointed me in her direction.
She is probably the craftiest person I know.
And her skillz are very diversified.
She does it all.
So on that exhausting, stressful Friday, this is what made my day....
A cherry printed, ruffled apron with matching headband!
Hard to see the cherry print in this picture, but the kid took it and well, this is as good as it got.
After he obliged me and took about 5 pictures he told me, "looks like you should be yodeling mom...that hair!"
There was also baking treats in my package which included a small whisk that Max promptly claimed as his new egg scrambler.

So that's me and my new apron.
Love it.
Thank you so much Jen for the awesome RAK and your packaging skills really put mine to shame.
And seriously, check out her blog, she has tons of ideas and cool projects.


Unknown said...

NO WAY! That is the coolest Apron EVA! (<--- tee hee) You are one lucky lady. I am defintly going to have to check her Blog out. I love doing different crafts! You look so cute in your little head band and apron! :)

Mimi said...

I LOVE it! With the hairband, such a cute look and great apron! So adorable!

Good job!

Melissa said...

Fabulous Simone! Just looking at it makes me grin!

Melissa K. said...

That apron is awesome! And matching headband? Even better! :)

Abra Leah Cross said...

You are just too adorable! :)

Elizabeth Royalty said...

well aren't you just the cutest domesticate ever!! tee hee! seriously, though, that apron is supercute. - and so are you! *crush* :)

clhenry99 said...

I LVOE the hair! I do it to mine all the time. I was excited to see someone else over the age of 10 does their hair like that too! lol
Great apron...jealous!!

Kristina Lewis said...

You look so adorable!! Love the apron! I am definetely checking out that blog! You could be Jennifer Garner on Alias with all of your looks! **wink**

Anonymous said...

Aren't you just the cutest thing! Lucky gal you! A head band to that is fun!

Greta Adams said...

i haven't been lucky enough to receive any of her RAK's yet but i see and drool over elizabeth's stuff all the time...she is the bomb...i stalk her

Lorrie said...

Love it! and you look about 18 years old in that pic!!!

Jennifer W. said...

Looks like this apron made its way to its intended recipient - I can't imagine it looking as cute on anyone else on the planet! Enjoy!

Michele Kovack said...

How stinkin adorable! You DO look like you could start to yodel any second! LOL!

elizabeth said...

jenn (as i call her cause me and her are down like that) is simply the best.

i swear, if i could live closer to that girl and have her give me a sewing lesson, i would only then be in heaven :)

Rose said...

The apron is cute but the braids take the cake!

gloria said...

love the braids, love the apron.
love your cute smile, too!!