Wednesday, July 18

Real Quick...

I am super busy here at work today because I am going to be off the rest of the week, on day for play and one day for CHA!
Funny how if I take a couple days off work, my boss seems to think that the world could possibly he is flippin' today.

So here's a quickie...
Michele over at Thoughts of a Cardmaking Scrapbooker named me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! So very cool and I think she majorly rocks too as a mom, a crafter and just a cool chick.
Not even sure how she "found" me on the web initially, but we have been buds ever since and I couldn't be happier. Hopefully we will actually meet at CHA this weekend.

So I have to name 5 people and man, that's hard.
So many cool chick bloggers...
So here are 5 of the many I stalk all the time:

1. Elizabeth over at Paper Trails - Man, girl, you crack me up. Love the projects and the blabber equally.

2. Kristina over at Balance - So many cards, I swear she must craft in her sleep, really a must-see.

3. Jenn over at The Felt Mouse - She really is the Crafty Queen.

4. Elizabeth over at My Own Little Space - Not only is she a great blogger but she is a great real life friend that I met because of this crazy blogging thing.

5. April over at Creative Apples - Amazing photos and tons of digi freebies, plus she's been my pal long has it been?...4 years??

Ok, gotta run.
Need to leave on time today because we are heading downtown for a free concert in Millenium Park tonight by the Decemberists. My nephew is staying with us for the week and I feel like we should "do something", so off to the concert we go...assuming it doesn't start raining...I don't do rain!

And I may be riding coasters tomorrow, so it may be a bit quiet for the next day, but stay tuned for CHA updates and pictures on Friday.

AND...IF YOU'RE GONNA BE AT CHA....let me know where and when, maybe we can find each other!


clhenry99 said...

Cool! have a great time~~~ JEALOUS!!~!~!~

Paula said...

Wow, you're going to CHA!! I'm sooo green with envy. I went once about three years ago, loved it. Can't wait to hear your report/see your pictures. Enjoy!

Mimi said...

Enjoy the Decemberists and most of all, enjoy CHA!

Greta Adams said...

mad...mad...mad...i tell ya that i am not there with you....grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Michele Kovack said...

WOW! You really made my blog name....BIG! Thanks! Did the concert finish before the downpour?

creativeapples said...

hey there!!! thanks for the sweet mention!!!
I hope you and ms. carol have a fabulous time at CHA!!!! you'll need to give us all immediate updates!!! I so can't wait to see all the awesome awesome stuff that will be coming out!!!

Jenn D said...

Did the concert happen? We didn't get all of the rain that some places did farther north, but I poured here last night.

I'm going to CHA on Friday and Saturday. I am so excited as I have never been. Maybe I'll run into you.

Alyssa said...

so jealous! be sure to sneek some photos for us to preview!

Kristina Lewis said...

Thanks for the nomination! I can't wait to hear about CHA!