Friday, June 15

Blogs with Music - Part 2

So happy to hear people's thoughts on this subject and honestly I was truly wondering if people were doing the same thing I was or knew some super secret way to comment without actually opening the blog. So just a few things, so I am totally clear...

* I wasn't referring to any particular blog...Not at all!! Although, Kathy, your Dirty Water has made me jump out of my seat more than once and cracks me up each time.

* And really, don't change your blog because of what I said, your blogs are all great!

* I can't wear headphones at work, it would look ridiculous and I am supposed to be listening for the phone, so that's out, but great suggestion.

* I never "get in trouble" at work, so don't worry about me. I think people in my office assume I do what I want all the time anyway, but when the music would blare, it was like a big, "Hey, look at me, I'm goofin' off again!"

* If it seems like I am commenting on your blog less, could it be because of the music? Well, yes. But it is only because sometimes I close out the blog fast because I can't find the damn pause and forget sometimes to go back and make that comment.

* And I completely agree with the people saying that the music and too much stuff slows down the blog, as bloggers, we have to remember that too much stuff does make the blog slower to load even with DSL which is a total turn off to some people. I am trying to simplify over time, but it is hard to know what to get rid of.

So, in conclusion.....
Music on blogs, totally fine if that's your thang.
I'm not in trouble because well, I do whatever I want at work and everybody is ok with it. (which is why I may never leave this job)

In the meantime, Donna B, you are one smart cookie!! She had the perfect solution, "Maybe sort those blogs into (if you're using Google Reader) blogs that have music & listen to those ones at home?" That is exactly what I am gonna do, but just wait til everybody leaves the office and I am all alone to check out the louder ones.

LOVED LOVED LOVED all the comments, it was like a little debate going on here yesterday and I LOVED it, so don't be strangers ladies, love hearing your voices and gonna check out all the new faces today...When the office is empty in case there's music, of course.

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Donna Baker said...

ah shucks! glad I could help! one of these days, I'll sort my blogs in google reader too...but for now all 100+ are in there in alpha order only. btw - what is your job - where do you work? just curious!