Thursday, June 14

Blogs with Music

Like many people, I'm sure, I do most of my blogging and blog surfing at work.
I have a daily schedule.
Get to work somewhere near 9am.
Have a snack.
Make my blog posts.
Check out the Bloglines and see what everyone's up to.

It's really a great system, I am gradually getting myself ready to do some "real work" by starting out with a some light typing and reading. Or so it is how I justify it to myself, sounds good.
Well, like many of you, I read posts and usually have something to say about your cards, your kids, what's going on in your worlds. I'm a big mouth like that and figure, if I spent all that time looking and reading, why wouldn't I comment?

Now, correct if I am wrong...please, it will solve this whole problem I am having, I have to click on your actual blog posts or blogs in order to leave a comment. I don't see how I can comment right there in Bloglines, but I could be wrong.

So your blog opens.
I see the post.
I see your great blogs and love them.
But then....
I hear loud music.
Probably one of your favorite songs, or so I am guessing.
It is playing now louder than the online radio I am listeing to and I begin the frantic hunt
Scrolling down, down....
Searching left sidebar, right side bar....
Where is it?!!
I need to find the pause on this Kelly Clarkson song!!
If I don't find it fast I just close the blog, immediately.
Sometimes they are waaaaayyyyyyy at the bottom and there are 20 posts before it, so that takes to long and I just close.

As soon as the music starts, it is pretty obvious it is not the quiet radio I am listening too, and anyone in the office at the time stops whatever they're doing. They can be on a call and they pause. They're talking about something and then, silence.
Plus, the site of me frantically scrolling is probably a sight.

I can't turn off my volume otherwise I can't listen to the radio.
And I can't turn off sounds on websites because again, the radio won't play.

The blogs I really frequent, I know where it is and go right to it, usually beating even the first note, but truth is, sometimes I forget who has it. Or I click on a blog I have never visited.
Anyone else have this problem?
And if so, what do ya do?
I don't wanna stop commenting, I never shut up.

So any advice is appreciated.


katemade designs said...

HEADPHONES BABY. I have the same schedule as far as reading blogs. When breakfast is done, including the 2nd cup of tea, I work.

Mimi said...

Bwhahaahahahhaha! I know how that goes. It tattles on you.

My work speakers are connected with headphones.

Unknown said...

Are you talking about my Blog? Is that why you don't comment anymore? lol. Seriously!! I will take it off if it's getting you into trouble. I just thought it was cool that I could have music on my Blog while people were reading. I didn't know it was distracting and "a tattler!" :) Sorry Simone.... Happy Blog Reading. And I don't think there is any other way to comment unless you go to the ACTUAL Blog itself. I haven't found any other way. :D
And it doesn't bother me to hear music. I am lucky enough to be a SAHM. I have only come across 2 sites that play music....

Donna Baker said...

oh dear, what a dilemma! luckily I am not fortunate enough to have speakers on my computer at work so that solves the problem for me. Gee, I was thinking of getting it too, sometimes it's cool to listen to the tunes. Maybe sort those blogs into (if you're using Google Reader) blogs that have music & listen to those ones at home?

Cat said...

Same problem here, so it's good to see what others say. Currently, I just keep my speakers turned way low. But even that will get you into trouble sometimes!

Do you get your haircut on company time, since it grows on company time :) That's our excuse!

kathy said...

I know its my blog....want me to take the redsox singing dirty water was a phase and I probably should get rid of it. I have my volume off but i guess it can be pretty loud. wouldnt want you to get caught blogging at

Michele Kovack said...

OK, I'm one that does not have music! SO you are safe to visit me! I do a lot of my blogging late at night and occasionally I forget to shut the speakers off...and BAM! LOUD MUSIC! Enough for my son to come running out of his room at 12:00 AM! I guess this is why I haven't added any to my blog...not that I am criticizing anyone who does have music....just my preference!

Allison Rankin said...

IKWYM...I have bugged Alex in the UK more than once that her crazy Euro-pop scares the crap out of me every time I click on her site!

Anonymous said...

Oh No! I definitely don't want to scare you off but I do love my music. So you can't turn your volume down a little? I see someone suggested headphones but I guess that would look kind of funny at work. I think mine is pretty close to the top but I will check and maybe I could move it. I hope I haven't gotten you in trouble. Ya know I was wondering why I hadn't heard much from you but that was before your Texas trip and I thought maybe it was cuz you were busy getting ready for that, cuz I have heard from you a bit lately.

InspiredByInk said...

FINALLY someone who thinks along the same lines as I do. Not that you don't want to hear the music as much as it will give you away.

I don't like the music on the blogs (distracts me) and sometimes if my volume is really up it scares the heck outta me. I will either frantically search for that darn music box (like you) or just close the blog entirely. A lot of times the music does nothing for me and I'd rather be able to hear my kids! lol. Unless it's sweet escape and then I will play it over and over and get NO reading done lol.

Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it!


blah said...

Fortunately, non of the blogs I visit regularly have music. Then again, typepad is also blocked at work so I surf through Google Reader several times a day. If they did have music, I'd have to not visit at work because I'm actually "pretending" to work while I'm blog surfing :-)

Jen said...

not too many of the blogs i visit either have music,
so for me its not a problem
But i can understand if you dont care for it you just go to the next blog
or turn the volume off.
Happy blogging!

Jan Scholl said...

I think there is too much going on with some of the blogs. I have DSL and some take forever to load and are so crazy that I stopped or unsubscribed from a few.

I like a clean interface I guess.

Heather S. said...

I've enjoyed reading all the comments on this one. I have music on my blog, but I don't have it on autoplay. You have to manually start it. I like to have it playing in the background while I'm on the computer. This way those who don't want to listen to it don't have to, it doesn't slow up their connections, and yet I can still enjoy it. Works great for me.