Friday, June 15

Not crazy about this card, but I had it in my head, so I had to get it on paper.
Ok, now before you all run and tell me I am nuts and it is fabulous...This is not a fishing for a compliment ladies, this is actually a lesson I learn from myself.

The little stamp is from A muse and it was so tiny, so I figured background stamping was the way to go. I liked that part.
Then I wanted to make a bigger version of the little purse and used the Black Glaze Pen to make the black flowers and added white brads. That part I am not so crazy about.
Then I needed a sentiment and don't own a "purse" appropriate saying, so I wrote it. Hate that part.
When I look at this card, all I can think is that a little kid made it...blech!
And worse yet, there is no glitter on it, so it doesn't even count for this week's challenge.
Got an idea for the little purse stamp, it is tiny!!

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Donna Baker said...

oh, you're being too hard on's cute but I agree a little bling could spice it up!