Thursday, June 14

Best Stamp Cleaner in the World!

So I made a tiny reference to da-da-da-da...Ultra Clean yesterday and how I hear trumpets blow before I announce its name and I thought it would be a good time to give my official review of this amazing product. Plus, I also mentioned it on a thread about "what I can't live without" on SCS and got a couple emails asking me about it, so here it is.

Ultra Clean is, by far, the best stamp cleaner I have bought ever and probably the best new thing I bought in 2006 and trust me I bought a lot of crafty stuff in 2006.
It is produced by Hero Arts and works perfectly on Rubber and Acrylic stamps. For the acrylic, this is the stamp cleaner that won't turn them yellow, which is nice.

For me, being lazy and sloppy (truth's out), I love it because, well...
the squeamish should turn away and don't read this part
I don't always clean my stamps right away.
Ok, truth, I rarely clean my stamps right away.

People are now reporting me to the Stamp police!

I know I am a horrible person and don't deserve to own another new stamp, but it's OK because I have Ultra Clean to make the world right again.

This stamp over here on the left, yeah, I used that on Monday with Staz On and I took this picture yesterday, yep two days sitting with black Staz On just soaking in.

Didn't even think twice about it, I was busy being creative, and who has time to clean up?
I didn't worry because I do this all the time.
(I can hear the gasps even through the computer)

Scrubbed it with my scrubby scrub and Ultra Clean and new again!
No really, see -->
I have even got off stains I had on other, older stamps that were probably there years with this amazing stuff.
The trick for removing a stain that has been there a long time is to spray the stamp and let it sit a couple minutes, then scrub, then wipe with a paper towel, works every time and so easy.
I hear it also works on wood staining, but I never really try to remove that because I just don't care how stained the wood is.

So, if you aren't using this amazing cleaner, you should be, it is far superior to all others and even if your other cleaners are working fine, mine do when I clean my stamps right away, a time will come when you will forget to clean that stamp and you may need this super duper product.

I buy mine here ------> Ultra Clean
Because I know her and she has super fast shipping and carries a lot of other stuff I love too. It's where I get almost everything, seriously. More on that as CHA approaches.

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michelle sturgeon said...

I agree with this! i love Ultra Clean!