Thursday, June 14

Overlay Card

Made this card Monday, the day I used the Staz On on my stamp and left it til Wednesday, yup this is what I was making. (those that didn't read the Ultra Clean post, don't worry, stamp is all clean now)
I used a Hambly Overlay I got at CHA last year! Yup a whole year this little thing sat waiting to be played with. the overlay is very similar to this one, but in lime green.
I used a pink marker and colored the backside of the overlay to accent a little pink in it.
Then stamped the sentiment which is a Michael's $1 stamp on the front of the overlay with black Staz On.
Let everything dry for a bit....key step. get that little pink circle directly where I wanted it on the white card, I used my Hermafix removable adhesive and attached it behind the sentiment and added more adhesive to the back of the circle and placed the whole overlay onto the card where I wanted it.
Carefully remove the overlay and rub off any Hermafix that shows.
Used a permanent adhesive, this one, to attach the circle in place for good.
Then added the overlay with eyelets that I perfectly set with my Crop-o-dile.
The ribbon was just enought for the top of the card and really was what inspired it the whole color concept to begin with.
That's why I keep my ribbons out where I can see them, didn't know what to do with this little overlay til I saw the ribbon, love when it is that simple.


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Love this color combo and acetate overlays are one of my favorite things to do/use on cards.