Friday, May 4

Note about Grey's

Just a brief note to the creators of Grey's Anatomy...

I stuck with ya when you added more drama and less patients.
I hung in there when you just started killing people off to keep people watching.
I even defended ya when Meredith picked the totally wrong guy.
But come on.
Mixing a horrible spinoff show with my beloved Grey's...
Using city scenes to transition between plots...
Creating a less than imaginative storyline with a Grey-esque medical emergency...
Your hopes of becoming more famous and making more money with a new version of Grey's just ain't gonna happen.
Let it go.
And NEVER mix any of that crap with my Grey's again!
Go back to Grey's and stay there.

Thank you!


Crafty Connie said...

Rock On with your bad self, sista.
I have only watched about 1/2 of last night's episode (I watched CSI and taped Grey's)but it has already pee'd me off with the two story location thing. If they were going to spin-off an Addison show then do so and be done with it but don't keep flipping back and forth. I like Addison's character but may not be able to embrace the new location and people. I'll give it another try before jumping the shark.

Unknown said...

I'm with you. I was totally *ticked* after watching last night!

doverdi said...

I have to agree with you on this one. I was so disappointed with the 2 hr Grey's. I thought that the new characters lined up for Grey's had about as much charisma and acting abilities as a paperbag. If anything they seemed to be overacting. I didn't even like Addison's acting this week. Doesn't look like a show that will appeal to me even with one of my Grey's characters on it.

Greta Adams said...

i am with ya girl....a spin off never works they shouldn't even attempt it