Thursday, May 3

Free Stuff Alert!

Who doesn't love free stuff?
A Muse stamps has contests, giveaways, challenges and more from now til A*musea*palooza.
I am personally going for the amuseapalooza Embassador 2007 prize, who wouldn't want the $250 in stamps?!!
Yours truly will be visiting the local Stamp store this week in search of some A Muse images to play with because I don't own a single one. {my control amazes even me sometimes!}
So register, so you can possibly win one of their weekly drawings and feel free to tell them Simone Collins sent ya, I surely could use the points.


blah said...

Good luck! I've been holding off on ordering Amuse stamps even though they're pretty darn cute. I *need* the ovals, though! I did get a couple ovals at my LSS but they're not the Amuse ovals :-)

Mimi said...

Ooooooh, I can see some serious enabling happening here!

I don't think I have any AMuse stamps either.