Thursday, May 10

Happy Birthday Mason

I think it is today, is it Greta?
I made this card last week.
Bought the present last week.
Ran out of tape to wrap it up.
So it is sitting on my table...still.
I had such good intentions, always do.
It's the follow thru that I suck at.

I knew I wanted a baseball card for the little slugger but I don't own anything baseball and didn't want to buy anything new, so I thought...Make a baseball yourself.
My first baseball was actually a tennis ball.
Max helped me the second time.
Then I added the name and it just wasn't enough.
So, I made the pennant, but my first "stick" of paper just wasn't right.
Then the lightbulb moment.
A flat toothpick!!

And I had the colors in my head to start, of course. (Go Cubs!)
One day it will actually be in the mail and on its way to little Mason, maybe he'll get his goods by next year.
Seriously, who doesn't have tape?!!!

Oh and btw....I put back many items I thought little Mason would enjoy because somebody thought it wasn't such a good idea, what boy doesn't love silly string? But there is one thing comin' down that I was told, "He's gonna strangle somebody with that thing!" Just a warning....


michelle sturgeon said...

It's a very creative and very cool looking card, but it's your post that has me laughing out loud! You are one funny writer!

Crafty Connie said...

Wonderful card Simone.

Happy Birthday Mason!

Allison Rankin said...

Awesome...any boy would love it. My brother and BIL always get my kids those kinda toys...last Christmas it was a drum set!

elizabeth said...

that card is so friggin' awesome. now why didn't you post this about a week or so ago so i coulda copied it for one of mikey's baseball team mates????

love it girl. simply love it!

blah said...

I love this one and my oldest is Mason--his birthday was April 3rd and for a second, I was wondering how you knew :-) but then again, he'd probably prefer orange and black--go Giants!

Jo said...

This is FANTASTIC. Love it and I'm sure Mason will too!

Michele Kovack said...

Awesome card! Perfect for a boy!