Thursday, May 10

Amuseapalooza Frappr Map

Just added to the Amuseapalooza fun, a new Frappr Map that shows all the places where A muse stamps rule as well as stampers!
Very neat.

You can put yourself on the map, HERE.
I am.
So cool to see that there are actual stampers near me, really?!!
And to see how close (or far) the closest stamp store carrying the stamps is to my house.

Also, Challenge #2 is up! No black ink.
Great prizes each week and the more you make the more entries you get. So, get stampin'.
I made a couple already but I am starting to get tired of Wheely Girl.
Well, maybe not totally sick of her yet.
But these challenges have been 10 times harder when I only own 4 A muse stamps!

Cards later, I woke up with one more idea.
Dontcha love when that happens!

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